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Wall of Shame

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  • Wall of Shame

    Since Wartune Devs have zero interest in helping us or caring about their broken game system, we need to publically shame those megacashers that intentionally cut the ladder rungs below them to punish the rest of us by wearing their Friggas.

    Wall of Shame:

    Lots more. Feel free to add to it. 66% of top 100 players have them equipped (or seem to for TT).

    If you're guildies with them, tell them to take off their friggas. They're hurting you too. A good guilde doesn't hurt his/her fellow guildies like this.

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    Ariah quite over a month ago. I don't think she cares
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      if the game still generates money, they wont fix it
      if the game stops generating money, they will kill it

      it's a lose-lose situation for the players.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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        We cant blame the players for that, here are some suggestions to make titan temple a bit better:

        * Remove the healing ability.
        * If an Eud die he must be 1 hp in next battle and not fully recovered.
        * 1 hit kill titan temple skill should attack players first not random.
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          Frigga shmigga... I rather fight 3-4 Frigga compared to 3-4 odin/thor. While it may take a while to kill the Frigga's, one carry's a Thor as main and die v's odin/thor rather fast bc of their damage. Just don't steal awakening while vs Frigg's to keep them in skill sync.
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