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so do you call this a fair fight in titan temple?

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    i was told u could only have one set on at a time...even if both sets are unlocked ..meaning furry and def skills are on the skill select


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      Those that are not knights, don't understand how much harder it is for us. My archer at 9mil with 700k attack can almost 1-shot a group. My 13.5mil br knight, you have to kill them one by one cause the aoe sucks that bad and only does good damage if the passive hits which is only 20% chance.


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        Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
        yes im a archer but i ave no merged slyph to help me

        but if u use the titans in right order with skills and right slyph and edu u can pass

        plus get ur penetration astrals elevated quick and u can cause more damage
        Merged sylph or not it is much easier for archers than knights


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          Originally posted by Seidr1 View Post
          if you hit the requirements for both, def and att, you can switch between them

          make 1 tattoo with 3000 end, and 1 tattoo with 3000 def, rest all strength
          The objective is to kill them, not trying to survive off shields with 2 small attack skills


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            Originally posted by Spanky28 View Post
            The objective is to kill them, not trying to survive off shields with 2 small attack skills
            Agree on that, as a knight on def, nice we survive, but damn that will take a long time to clear a stage, aoe maybe scks, but better then no aoe at all on def skills.

            im doing a little bit better now, depends on wich sylphs i get against me.

            i have a start rage of 41, then a lvl 9 rage rune.

            I start now with skill 1 Gash, gives 40 rage total, then i use the aoe spin attack,
            rage is then 11, i use rage rune, gives 70 rage, then i can use the aoe again.
            When i cant sylph yet, i use wrath strike. and hope that i have atleast one down then

            Today Lucky on first stage, before they got to sylph they were down, was the first time.
            i use oracle damnation lvl 7 skill.
            ING: Eukkie changed name to â€*Evilâ€*Witchâ€*, changed it back to Eukkie
            Server: S444 Silent Arena
            Char: Knight
            Lvl: 80
            Br: 6m and crowing.
            Main Sylph: Arise
            Guard: Oracle