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Titan Temple is fixed in the new patch

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  • Titan Temple is fixed in the new patch

    The bugs and all the faults in the system are fixed in the patch coming in a couple weeks, which will be a relief to most of us, since we were all set to rage quit over their massive blunder. I mean, didn't they test this **** before reeling it out? Isn't that what the test server is for? I'm sure the testers, if they're not all morons, told them about it... Then again, I'm sure the testers didn't all have friggas and bo equipped to purposely screw over other players.

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    where is this news about the new patch?? also i remember that they have optimized tok to make it easier for us , which only easier for the archers and not the knights or mages. so i guess this new patch will make it much more easier for the archers and harder for us other classes. in my own opinion they seem to favor the archers more than any of us class , ever since they gave them that scatter shot skill and then took it away in spire . and now they made these archers BR raise up like crazy ever since titan temple is the key for them to get stronger than us .

    a few weeks an archer was just 10M br and now that archer is over 15m br in just 2 weeks , thanks to the damn titan temple .
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