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Game errors and problems

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  • Game errors and problems

    Alright where to start, i cant pick out every error that this game has because im sure that i do not know a lot of them and i am sure plenty of you can make a list of problems this game has. Now to some of you it might seem silly that i am pretty much quitting a game because i lost eudaemon blood by clicking upgrade and instead of using 50 like i wanted to it used all 2096 on a euda that i do not plan on using. Because of certain circumstances i am able to play this game 24/7 if i so choose and that is not wartune's problem that is a choice that i have made. But for this game to have an error such as eudaemon upgrading being one of the only things that they do not have a fail safe for and then when i send in a ticket to get help and they outright lie to me and are ignorant to the fact that there is a problem with the game especially for someone who has payed for VIP and spirit cov is just disgusting.

    Eudaemon upgrading from what i can tell is the only thing that is not made fail safe, when you go in to the upgrde area the button to upgrade is no where near the amount of blood you are using, the amount of blood is set to max not 1 and it does not pop up a message asking if you want to use balens first (giving you another chance) these circumstances lead to me clicking on the upgrade button and auto upgrading every bit of blood which i am sure im not the only one who has done this. Now i worked hard to collect nearly 2100 blood so i was prepared for the event when it came and now i am approx. 3-6 weeks behind in the euda department and anything related to it as i can no longer make a stronger euda i now only have 3 average euda's at best.

    The main point of this whole story is the fact that there are many problematic areas in this game and all to often they are ignored instead of being fixed. It really bothers me that i am bailing on my guild and my marriage all because the developers/game owners can not fix the game properly and it may sound silly to do this but i just do not have the time of day and energy to put into a game that the developers/game owners could not give two .... about. I would ask anyone with similar stories to post them here in hopes that it inspires them to actually do something to fix their game before it dies.
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    There is more than one eudie to upgrade. Accidentally using recourse IS silly reason to rage quit . Ive come to accept wartunes predictable buggs, Just like owning a classic car. Missing one event will not set you back in the long haul. (not like the old days)

    Some ppl inc myself have wasted Thousands and Thousands of Bbalen by accidently clicking refine/upgrade when required items where locked, But we are still here because despite its flaws we still luv the ol girl + any recourse lost can be regained overtime with a little graft. ✌

    edit: Agreed the support is lacking, That's because they are not governed by our own countries laws & regulations that support the consumer. So their ethos in the way they respond to situations is not our 'norm'. Which will undoubtedly frustrate folks.
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      yes, but you can see his fustration when it comes to support on submitting tickets. I myself have submit 5 tickets and not one have been responded back to me . so either they are too lazy to replie and they are too good to even bother responding back to us confirming they received it. thats why when it comes to me rating this game. from 1 to 10 as ten is being the best .

      1. gameplay - 8
      2 graphics - 6
      3 socialism - 8 ( due to the black list dont work in world chat)
      4. support - 1 ( the worst that i have seen in any mmorpg )
      5. pricing for items - 5
      6. lag - 5 ( the reason is based on my pc that i use to play this game and the browser i choose to play it with .

      as you can see the support for this game is crappier than **** on the street. They really need to work on training these help desk support elves in handling customer complaints and tickets submission in a smooth organized order and not throw the tickets away. as for the taking 72 hrs to hear back. that is balogne and an excuse to give them time to put it in the auto scrap pile. So to make thsi long story short, I have stopped submitting a ticket to these incompent support techs since i know its never going to get answered and I am just waitng for a game that I can play like this that is browser base and turn base and say good bye to the greedy idiot that made this game.


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        i love this game's gameplay system

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