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fury skills w def passives

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  • fury skills w def passives

    from talking to a few ppl , i hv found out that u can only hv fury or def KH passives..b4 kh , we had both sets .. i would like to hv that again..from what i was told, if u go def kh , u get the 1st 2 attack skills, then the rest is def skills.. i know if u go furry , u get massive ( and expensive for knights ) attack skills..with one that is useless, except for delaying pet to awaken. b4 KH , i was able to beat many KH players , and i believe it is bc i had def skills w my attack skills. now that i am KH fury, i dnt hv those skills or passives anymore..why not hv the ability to have both if u unlock both sides.. with skills points in each skill /passives . then players would hv more chance to win or lose a battle , bc it would lean towards more strategy instead pay to win setup would still require a pay to win system , but at least then we can still compete with players who choose to pay more . if you keep ur players happy ( or try ) , u will see they dnt mind paying to win..plz leave your thoughts on this idea
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    I think everyone would love to be able to mix & match KH skills, since every class has at least one skill in the top branch they could do without, and the bottom branch is generally not useful except in a few specific circumstances, but one or two skills could easily swap in to the top branch and be pretty useful.

    The problem is that there are two separate skill tree points, and you don't have nearly enough to assign to a combined tree with the requisite unlocks (level 5 on each skill just to open the next one?). Knights especially would be worse off, with the most useful skills/passives out of reach unless you focus on a single branch. The old skill tree gave you so many points to distribute you could cover basically every useful skill and passive to max levels.


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      ty for ur reply , and that is very true...but i would like the option


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        They should just allow us to mix skills and get rid of the prerequisites. With the new skills, it's hard to fill the skill bar.