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where to get eudamon mark shards

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  • where to get eudamon mark shards

    I am trying to help newbie. where do U get eud mark shards to get first eudemon?

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    eudaemon bounty
    and eudaemon patrol


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      You get the 1st free @lv70 by completing a quest, "if" it's not changed since I got it when 1st released , Which you can select what class, After 1st eudie rest are random you get. See above posts for other shard source's.
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        At Level 70, you are given a random Eudaemon card to use. To get mark shards, you can get them through the timed login event (like the one going today) and nightmare patrol runs. However, if you have spare event chests, you can get the Euds you want in the exchange, so you don't have to rip your hair out if you get the wrong one.
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          You can rack them up pretty quickly from patrols, since it's only the basic level needed, and you only have to have a single green equipment piece to run that patrol. You do need to have enough eudaemons with the right stats to clear other normal patrols in order to cycle them out to get the shard ones, so that can be tough when you only have one or two eudaemons, but I think I see 2 shards from a patrol about 10-20% of the time, so if you keep at it, you can get more eudaemons fairly quickly.