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Beating the Catacombs in first 6 hours of a new character

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  • Beating the Catacombs in first 6 hours of a new character

    For a while, I wondered if it was now possible to beat the Catacombs (the 100-leveler) on the same day I made a character (for free). I assumed it would take a blitz to level 70, but I comfortably beat the Catacombs by level 60 in just six hours (plus 2 hours of breaks). Here are some details if you want to try something similar.

    Perks of the day ....
    - I waited for a day with dungeon exp. boost. Was only expecting +100%, but the boost is +200% on all dungeons (S665).
    - Got 10m gold and daru from hot event.
    - Did not have the fish-game to get shadow crystals or bounty scrolls, but would have been nice.

    Being a mage ...
    - The "rain of fire" is a basic aoe attack (16 rage, 5 second cooldown) that makes the many dungeons and crypt-levels much faster.
    - That's pretty much the whole story

    Making my own luck ...
    There are a few things that are easy to get with a little luck. Instead, I decided to get these things from an alt account (annoy myself instead of someone else).
    - Feeding animals to get level 5 farm
    - Stealing experience (15 level-3 plants)
    - At level 48, gave myself free run through Spire
    - A little actual luck: I got 5 gold bounties and 2 purples off board in first hour (2 resets, 2 refreshes).

    It's all about the kyanite ...
    - More than half my stats came from kyanite/academy-boosts
    - Mostly from planting 1-hour kyanite plants, Spire boxes and the beginner timer-boxes
    - The 'Starters Welfare' quests are another good source if you work through enough quests.

    Lots and lots of solo dungeons ...
    - cleared maps for 20s, 30s and 40s, normal and hero
    - clicking the quest-link gives an auto-pilot effect through solo dungeons (and it skips extra things)
    - plenty of gold and daru (map clearing, hero dungeon quests)
    - hero dungeon quests also provide the crystalloids for making 20, 30 and 40 gear (using MPD to finish 40 gear)
    - used my Stamina Potions when I got to the level 40 dungeons to get more exp.
    - the vast majority of my experience came from here

    ... and that's about it.

    P.S. I did not luck out on the exploration/cards to get a Catacombs boost, but you might

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