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A Few Suggestions...

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  • Meikura001
    started a topic A Few Suggestions...

    A Few Suggestions...

    With the recent fiasco that happened, I've decided to put forth a letter of suggestions that we would like to see happen in Wartune.

    Things we like to see GONE!:
    • Swirlies: Icon, Chat Box. These caused performance problems that would account for some lag. In slower computers, these are far worse than sitting in rush hour traffic (which sounds enticing now). One or two is okay, but a mountain of them is overkill.
    • Big *** Numbers: I know I am not blind, and I can speak for the next player that they are not blind, either. The smaller numbers of Yesteryear were much better than the behemoths we see that clutter up our screen, thus adding up to the lag.
    • Sprites Remaining on Screen: Don't know where it went wrong, but we've got bodies upon bodies of dead bosses and mobs that remain. I've sent a video after I calmed down weeks later after sending my first image of such that was removed (again, I was so ticked off that it was the last straw). This not only contribute to lag, but also prevented us from using skills as they were locked up (especially after being stunned).
    • Stuns: I am sorry, but if the stun from an enemy cannot go away by the end of its duration, it needs to be removed completely from the game; especially in Spire where we can't use any skills or sylph awakenings in this state for the rest of the battle.
    • Unnecessary Flashiness on Clothing/Mounts: The Banquet clothing proves just that as it freezes all players within viewing vicinity. If a flash component of clothing cannot be thoroughly tested, we don't need it.
    Things we hoping to see in Wartune:
    • Even and Fair Matching: In Arena, Battle Ground, and wherever PVP is being made. With about 17 platforms melded into this game, there should not be any excuse on why this cannot be accomplished. I like to work for my victories, not being handed them when facing a weak team, THE SAME AS I don't like to have an uber powerful team facing my lone Kabam regular 80 unit, either. If it takes someone 5 minutes to finish a fight IT'S BECAUSE BOTH SIDES ARE EQUAL IN EVERYTHING THAT IT BOILS DOWN TO WITS AND STRATEGY TO WIN. I've been in a few fights like this when one side made a wrong move and the fight shifts to the favor of the team that kept fighting with the right moves. Oh how I miss those fights.
    • Tier System Matching: As with the first bullet, I am going to emphasize more into this. There are 4 types of Level 80s: Regular/Ordinary, Class Advanced, Knighthood, Titan Skills. They should make Battlegrounds in these tiers (it only takes 1 or 2 to get a fight going) so people can try to have fun. Again, we got 17 platforms into one, so why isn't this in the works. It was done during the time where we had folks with and without Eudaemons in separate battlegrounds. I don't think it's fair to the level 80 with no class advancement to square off with someone that has Titans on them.
    • Permanent Icon Locking: Nothing annoys us than having said icon bar expand AFTER we went and close it. Majority of us kept our icon bars closed. We want this in place.
    • Ability to Close Out Chat: Some of us fancy this as well. Most games have this, why don't we?
    • Chat Tabs and Text Organized: I will have to shake a stick as I find it rather odd and annoying to get all forms of chat (System/World/Guild/Etc.) into the Tab we click for filtering. Guild Chat should only hold Guild Chat traffic, System Message Tab should hold all System Messages, and so forth. If we want to see all messages, we would just hit the ALL button.
    • True Cache Saving: If we have to have our screens reload everything that we had visited, then we don't have true cache saving. Please do something about this.
    That's my rant for today as I am sure there are other things that folks want to get out of their chests as well...

  • Meikura001
    it saved around 800-900 MB.
    Yep, I remembered getting 600-700 MB myself that I made a special card slot just for Wartune to utilize. Everything would load just fast. With 5 accounts I can run place to place, which was fun for show. Right now, I am having a scratch over head as I see text files of every bloody thing that is in the temp files that Spybot picked up as a tracking cookie (at least 4k+). I was like what in the world you would need every file loaded to be tracking.

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  • Arlad
    Originally posted by Meikura001 View Post
    [*]True Cache Saving: If we have to have our screens reload everything that we had visited, then we don't have true cache saving. Please do something about this.
    i been complaining about this since AUGUST 2014, where they removed the cache saving. before that date, we did have our cache saved and it you can see them in your flash setting. last time i saw, it saved around 800-900 MB.
    but do they fix it? of course not.
    Last edited by Arlad; 02-15-2017, 08:36 PM.

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