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  • Shorter Imperial War

    Hello all,

    Just a simple suggestion to improve the game : Make a 10.000 points limit instead of 15.000 points in Imperial Wars.

    Why ? Because, when a team get the head ( advantage in points term ) the other team merely can't come back to 1st place.

    PS : A great thank for Energy Stone working now ! Thanks a lot !

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    instead of making it shorter just get rid of it........................ get more rewards from farming on a daily basis....


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      I wonder if it was a typo and they have too much pride or arrogance to admit their colossal blunder. 10k points sounds right. 15k points and most fights last the entire hour. Even if one side is far superior fights last the entire hour (or at least 55 minutes).


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        There are so many things wrong with imperial war, but that would be a really simple change, and a good start. It's really tiresome to sit around for most of an hour, barely able to do anything for 90% of the time, and just wait for the time to run out. They really need to re-balance the initial point reward with the occupation points, though. Taking a post the first time seems to be worth as much as holding it for most of the hour.


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          i am all in for a shorter csgb imperial war the 1hr time slot is too long

          maybe 30 mins and x 1.5 rewards for winners and lossers