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Enough of dimensions.

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    what if R2 remove the revival rewards and add searching for mines, and other rewards too, maybe add a Master Dim that will include adv Mahras and adv Seps then it will worth it to do it every day


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      im still waiting for r2 to change dimensions as it still states in upper left inside demensions u can still fight 3 times for some 1 dimension as we all know that all changed on a certain patch but it still stay their in texts inside a dimension

      i also would like to see a new sort of dimension as ppl ave the titles from the small ones and ppl only do expert ones now what about making a master dimension with adv marha and sep and smelt stones as rewards and uses double energy to walk through them and fight towers


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        Originally posted by Freddypainter View Post
        You get marha, seps, res res/reduction shards, a huge amount of res from dimi's including balen mines, sacrifice offerings and soul crystals, the list is endless on how much more balen worth of X you get from dimi's,... It really can not be compared to overpriced gems from cata's. One can't determine a cost for blitz bc dimi's do not have a set amount of rewards. Probably the reason why it's not been added to spirit conv already, no?
        Besides, just think of all the wonderful offers from the Secret Merchants that r2 wouldn't want you to miss.
        If you're imagining a dimension blitz where you get everything in the dimension, then sure, it would need to be expensive if only because of the possibility of balen mines. But I would expect only the tower rewards from a blitz, anything more you have to go in and run around to find it. Sort of how the auto-explore works now; it only reveals the towers and stairs. If they added a teleport to the post/stairs for another X energy, that would be blitz-like and probably make a lot of people fairly happy.

        And besides, a blitz that hit every encounter in the dimension would be completely useless - it costs over 1500 energy per floor of an expert to completely clear it. A blitz like that would get you nowhere fast.


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          No one quits because of dimensions LOL


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            I would be content with a) get rid of the "secret merchant" no one buys this junk
            b) return the option "are you sure you want to..."...go to previous level, fight this mob
            c) thank you for removing the pvp aspect but for crying out loud THINK THIS STUFF THRU. there is a lot of unnecessary stuff still attached to this 'optimization'