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  • Titan Temple fixes?!

    I don't see any TT fixes in the patch notes, but I know they're there. I mean, even wartune devs aren't that stupid. The mini-game is broken on so many levels and needs those fixes ASAP. I mean, even wartune devs realize how busted it is. It doesn't help when so many top 100 players intentionally put on friggas to hurt players below them. You know who you are.

    Of course, no help is coming. Just passives that will make it impossible to play. Oh well. Honestly, I blame myself for sticking around. The only time devs listened to players was to shorten OC season to a month, which cost all of us several days of rewards (maybe that why devs did it). Dimensions are awful and TT needs fixing. Period. I'm going to cash but not on this game. Devs don't respect players so they're not getting one dime from me.

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    Its pot luck if you come across frigga's, Intentional or not. Today lv5 for me was 2x odin/thor. lv4 only 2x frigg..

    The issue is with the OP Eudies dealing more damage than the enemy players, And the stupid battle oracles damnation stacking on you. Today i had 40%+45%+50%= 135% damage debuff. Did they fix that ?

    As for the new sylph passives (i think your referring to) they activate when sylphs awaken according to 'guides'. It may not be too much of a problem since frigg'as already heal/shield almost straight away after awakening. So in theory Odin/Frigg heal/shield become nullified. Not too sure on thors att boost & bleed, moving reverse time to 4-5th slot should counter that.
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      Every level of TT has friggas. I have never had a fight without 1 and can just barely beat the 1st level if I give it like 5 tries. As a knight I'm doomed. Everyone else in the game is passing me out and I'll I can do is watch. Knights only have 1 skill that hits all enemies and its pretty weak and costs 80 rage. By the time I can use it everyone is shielded with the moon titan and by the time I turn sylph everyone has the frigga's steal, heal, shield combo going. TT is just a waste of time. It needs to be revamped but I'm doubting r2 will do anything.


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        Quote :- By the time I can use it everyone is shielded with the moon titan. Ke ?? moon guardian can be purged, and doesn't appear in TT. If your referring to the Frigg's shield it Will break if you concentrate your attacks on just one. warrior call works there too.

        I am also a knight and understand exactly. The spin attack is pretty useless like you said. So we build up max rage, And focus on tank killing off the front row with delphics and wrath strike spamming. Then awakening when there are a couple of player left and the 4 eudies. Our eudies die within 1-2 turn, So put only 1-2 important skills on like sunto/damnation. Carry purge/chaos. If you face 2+ frigg's don't awakening steal so you keep their skills synced. There are a lot of small things you can do that increase your chances of a larger sucsess.
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