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Dimension take to much time

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  • Dimension take to much time

    I want something done with the Dimension. It take to much time to do them. Why can we not be allowed to keep them longer or permanent. Try to have 5 expert Dimension open is hard work and it take all time you have for playing the game.

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    I agree, they take a lot of time.
    I don't think you should make them permanent, but to build something in like a blitz or something will be good, so it isn't this time consuming anymore.
    So if you can build in a blitz or another way to do them faster, since it isn't a question or most players can pass full dimension and kill all, it is more a question or they have the time.


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      Yep. need permanent Dimension. It only eat time, no fun.


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        they should add new things to dimension since it hasn't changed in years and it's not fun at all.


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          The Chinese version does have a different dimension system so we may get that in a future patch and it seems quicker to do, given it is in chinese and the character I created there is tiny and so I haven't fully completed one so it is difficult to know whether the rewards are as good and I don't really feel like spending more time there to level up enough to do so.

          The dimensions are smaller and they have items such as trees dotted about that you can't move into making it more like a maze with mobs often blocking the route. You have half the amount of energy and the 4 squares around you automatically clear, taking energy to do so rather than waiting for you to step into them but the smaller size probably makes up for the extra energy being used.

          Some levels need to be unlocked by finding a key which seems to always be an invisible mob battle making it difficult to find although you do know which floor the key is on, you still get treasure chests and they seemed a little more common to me in the few dimensions I did and there are still towers although they don't seem to be on every level, you don't seem to have to take towers before moving up or down levels, I'm almost certain that taking towers gives you a daily reward of crystals although since it is chinese and I was also fighting other stuff and moving through level it is posible that something else might be what causes them to be given although it seems unlikely to be anything but towers.