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  • devotion

    i see that in each patch often wartune remove something for gain the devotion easly.

    dear wartune, we not play all the day and each week. also to same game. we should have the things monthly , also the devotion. many cashers are
    weekly or monthly and see that we must play to all things is annoying and this do quit the players.

    mny players return to game and i invite them of try the game also playing monthly, but they are scaried and not login (i've tried also with the old
    heavy cashers and telling of play few mnutes and free. only for fun).

    we play many in this game and we do a lot of things that not give the devotion. why this? why we have counted the devotion for play to all the costs
    all the hours? not is better gain easier the devotion also with the things that not give the it? ares war , athena war , go in wild , attack 1 mob in wild ,
    fate wheel (devo for each wheel) , contrubute daru in guild , buy things in , buy things in outland shop , buy things in arena shop , energize
    the tree of friends , and a lot of things that we do each time and we not gain any devo? we not gain devo neither if we help the others in multiplayer
    dungeon. in this last we should gain 15 devo and if could stack should be very nice.

    remember dear wartune that is better give no one rewards in events that are only for fun (ecept the devotion) .

    a lot of players believe that many things are a lot importants and want do all for try to improve better but this stress them and after they start to
    ignore also the devotion.

    not is better remove this damn limit of about 300-315 devo that we can do and we can gain devotion for all the things that we do? and help the others
    give unlimited devotion (stack for each help) ? who want play more have the multiaccounts.
    remember that play all the time only to a single game is a lot boring. give the time of play also to other games , this mean that we'll continue to play
    on wartune because this game will be less stressing and we'll can play with more calm. a lot of players want play to wartune but left because
    steal too the real life and we can't do other things or enjoy to other games.

    for example, i've never played a game for other 1 week consecutive , because i played for example 1 week to diablo 2 , 1 week to pizza connection 2 ,
    1 week to starcraft brood war , etc. or i played some days in a game and i splitted the my fun in 2-5 games in a day or in some weeks. but i've
    played all with more calm and this have done enjoy to me all the games. and this is also for the other players. who the real life call to them for the
    work or the girlfriend , or want simply rest some weeks , if you'll listen to me , you'll gain a lot of players, or simply they will continue to play (less till
    they are busy) , but they will be fully active in future . they will not quit because will appreciete have the choice of when play and how many.
    expecially the heavy cashers. who have many money, not have many time free each month but the money yes. if you stress them of play so many
    time and each time , you lose also them and the your cash.

    and convert the events permanents with the same item. we must choose where we must improve and not is good have our items that
    become outdated and we can't exchange because we are gone to work , to play in another game for a week or in holiday.
    this not mean that you can't update them exchanges , but that we can FINALLY stop of farm the items that we not gain anymore
    or we can exchange the things that we have in our inventory and vault with that thre are in hot events. will be a lot nice.
    also if we'll have need of many items for gain 1 item for exchange in hot event , s better of nothing. our inventory is full of things that
    we not have need anymore and a lot of players not like wait the new events. is true, they will spend many money for you, but
    you bring them of quit the game because are annoyed of wait each event and farm the things for nothing or close to it.

    remember: who want play more time will help the others or will create a new account. so, you have only of gain of give to us
    more time free and the things weekly. when i've the time free i go to help the others but often i not find who have need the my
    help. a lot of players not say a word and we not have any info on what they have need.
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    The old devotion system was realistic as it gave players a way to manage their time in playing. This new devotion system is like having a job (or second job) as you have to be there nearly all day to complete nearly all (but 1 or 2) to get max rewards (320 is the total number, but you need 300 to get the max reward of 100 balens and 3 Fashion Cores). I hardly do the devotion thing because I am busy all of the time and only have like 2-3 hours (if I am lucky) to play the game on any given day (other days, I would have 1 hour which is enough time to log into my units, collect their daily stuff/event things, and then put them back to sleep). They need to come up with realistic goals and numbers because not everyone plays all day so all can gain the maximum benefit. The new patch is removing one item/place which takes 5 devotion and probably replacing that 5 with another in place (MPD from 5 to 10 now).
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      Devotion requirements have gotten out of hand. They put a huge portion of the points in time-limited events, particularly things that happen once a day (tanks, guild events, world bosses, etc.). It wouldn't be too unreasonable if they made the various reward levels have a decent increase in value, but the way they are now, only the top tier really means anything, and it's the only one worth collecting for a lot of us.

      Anyone getting the 300 point reward is definitely proving their devotion to the game, but I know I burned out on it pretty fast. I would have quit entirely if I kept trying to hit it every day, but I can usually manage 2-3 days a week.


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        I've tried it for one day and to be honest with anyone, it takes the entire day to get the max reward and can be frustrating; especially when a player misses a devotion mark (through timed events) that they had to sit there and figure how to make up for it. In the old system, it gave us a bit of flexibility as we choose when to take said events on: on WB you can choose the morning or evening and you will get points for it, same for tanks (when there were two times), arenas, MPDs, and so forth. The max point is 100 (you can get more but would only be for bragging rights) that you can rest after finishing.

        With this, I gave up after doing two days worth (one of which I had to make sure I was in every event since I missed the morning WB and I don't plunder) as it wasn't worth it. The balens and cores I get from NM spire chests.
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        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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          I stopped with devotion completely. Back in the days it was possible to reach the cores and bb's every day but now, it takes too much time and this game already is timeconsuming.
          Every change they make on this system isn't in the best interest of the players because after each change it gets harder to reach 300. I gave up on it, i have clothinglevel on 50 and thus start each fight with a fair amount of rage but for the newer players it is too damn hard.

          I can spend 6 hrs each day playing Wartune and not get the devotion. When missing two prime taskes you are scr.ewed. So, i only do 200 or 250 (depends on how much time i have) wich is easy to do and that's it. The developers makes it harder for us players. For free players it is pretty impossible to get the daily 300. For VIP's it is hard too. That is strange, you pay for some benefits and one of that is a slight advantage for devotion. But even for VIPS it is hard to reach 300.

          Too bad the developers rather put in silly things in the game wich costs big amounts of balens for cashers (wich most of the time even the cashers won't use) than a change wich makes the gameplay actually more fun. Like someone said before, Wartune is like a second job, only this one costs money.


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            what they need to do is lower the devotion requirements by 50. start at 50 point for first reward, and 250 for the final reward.

            but as usual it's R2 so don't get your hopes up.
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              You start with 45 devotion with vip+sc, so only +255 is needed. If your guild summons beast and altar every day, it's not too difficult to reach 255.
              I agree it's nearly impossible to reach 255 if you aren't available to do most of the timed events.
              Supposedly the paying customers and active players should be ahead of the non-paying and lesser active ones, in some way it makes sense.
              For working people, it would be nearly impossible to make such commitment.
              But those who don't work either don't play the game (have too good a life outside and won't tolerate such poor service quality) or don't spend (not driving R2's business).


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                a lot of players not reach neither 150 in deo or right it each day. is very annoyng do 300 devo each day. i can't live the my life, i must be here all the costs, i must quarrel with all (in real life and in game also) , because others want be helped , tal with me , etc in both situation.

                no, 250 sevo are anyway 8-10 hours of game about. 150 devo are already 3h of game (if you want do other things and you not aim the devo and you reach 150 devo).

                if wartune will not easier A LOT the devo or reduce the value to 100-150 on 320 that we can do free , many players will quit (also me).

                game is nice but i can't live always here. i must play also to other things, go out from house, work , etc. i can't have wartune always in my head.

                ah, is a lot annoying the timed things. why we can't do the wb solo and when we want? and only 1? why we must play the guild runs together and when i spawn them ? (i'm the guild master).

                my guild is very active respect the others , many of deserved are mine. i was returned and the players have the guild master to me and i discover that was for a merge...

                so i was started from 8 players daily and from 103th place in cross server guild br. in 1 year and half we have gained over 60 places and soon we'll gain anothers probably.
                but this because i've worked hardly on wartune, helping the mine guilders, but losing fully the real life and i can't work so. and i've seen that in last year there are always less players that join on wartune (not because is ugly the game) , but because in 1h each day we can't do nothing. so, also who return, they quit again.

                too things to do . wartune, please, listen to me if you want gain more money: reduce the devotion to 100-150 remove the timed events (do them when we want. so, redraw also them rules) , add a rule in guild treasure that for find a better color we must also take the previous chests and remove the cd for obtain them in expedition and in refresh.

                for example: 10 green chests helped/sent = 1 blue chest . and so for each color. so will be more interesting.

                another 1 thing: the "?" in each thing in wartune or miss or not explain well the things. for example, we enter in nether forest and a new player can also not say what must do. a lot players start a new guild and after quit because is solo. or a lot of players that back or start, not choose a guild. is better that they have a popup and see that active guilds (that have at least some players logged in less of a day. so we'll fill them.
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                  atleast 200 is easy to get, i do this on my alts to get some more guild point for rage now.

                  i reach 300 easy everyday, with vip lvl 9

                  most of the time after 1.5h playing im at 260 (incl wb) then some events like arena, go in bg, and eud arena, those things i already did before, so no affort anyway. after afternoon eud arena, im done with the 300 devotion.

                  so i do basic solo runs. then 2 hour break till its csmpd and wb time. i dont have to play all day to get the devotion.
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                    i've asked on my server months ago on how many devo they reached . a lot of players (95% or more) have told 100-150 devo.

                    problem is also that this devo is daily and not monthly. so only for do the devo , we must use 5-6h only for do the devo till 200. too time also this.

                    on guild treasure was better show10 chests and if we could send all together and help could remove the cd. and is a lot annoying 1 help for each chest. in future the players will avoid the guild treasure. and keep the refresh for the balens.
                    should be nice gain the devo also from guild treasure.

                    convert the devo in monthly not is neither hard: is enough convert the rewards x30.
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                      Some of us don't have VIP (and I know I won't get it until the devs pull their heads out of their collective four-point-of-contact and start fixing the stuff that really matters to get my approval for them right back up), so it's like having a job (or second one) where you have to be there all day to catch everything if you want to reach the 300. Even at 200 for the rave event, one has to set their alarms to catch the most important (and large amount of devo given, +15 ones) events (guild beast, altar, cross server MPDs, Group Arena, and tanks). The guild chamber, you just enter and exit. That's 90 for those if done at those times. You get 5 for logging in. Collect an animal or crop, 5. Endure the Inn, 5. Blitz the fastest (and cheapest) catacomb (I always do the purgatory or necro as it only takes 5-15 balens/bbalens) and there's your 10 (5 for starting, 5 for b/balen spending). Do the kitten thing, 5. So far it's: 120.

                      Jump into and out of BG, 5. Donate at your guild (1000 gold), 5. Do the blessing 2 times, 5. Do one Road to Glory (if you don't want to spend time on it), 5. Do 5 Eud Arena fights, 5. Run a dungeon (cheap one without attempt), 10. Do a Eud Bounty fight, 5. Do a Spire run (will be long, I know this), 10. Do an Expedition (after blitzing it, of course), 5. Do a Sky Trail, 5. Do 5 Archaeology digs, 5. So far, it's: 170 (only 30 more to go for that 200 rave thing).

                      Do a Magic Square run, 10. Do a Bloody Inferno, 10. Do an Outland Exploration, 5. And finally, do a Mount Training (use one whip and it will give you), 5. You can do a Sylph Upgrade (1 mahra) to get 5 points. That would be a grand total of 205, enough for a Rave Collection.

                      Now, I didn't put in others because not everyone is Class Advanced, 80, or at the high end yet. However, those of us who are, can take benefit in doing other things like Voyage, Dark Dragon Lair, and other things that give out extra. Even with 5 units, it's a bit difficult as I had to make sure all are at those times to do things, not to mention trying to play at the Kabam side as well.
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                        yeah right now I have no vip so never reached 300 at all. 100-150 is typical. 200-250 on an ultra active day. 300 is never for me.


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                          I am not VIP, but had reached 300 on Kabam; however, one must be on all day and hit just about every event, MPD (even on non-attempt), Cross Server MPD, have a guild that does all activities, do both WBs, and a few other trinklets that made staying on a job/2nd job.
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                          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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