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A Possible Solution to a World Boss Problem...

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  • A Possible Solution to a World Boss Problem...

    R2/7Road/ProCity and Players,

    After scouring the forums in reading about the ever growing problem we have with the World Boss, I might have come down to one simple solution: damage reversal (aka reflect)

    Pros of Having Reflect on WB:
    1. It will make the battle somewhat a bit longer. With reverse damage (reflect), we can keep the uber powerful at bay as they will be dead with their attacks (boss will have 100% reflect) and have to wait time to get back into the fight (take out the instant-fight), thus giving the smaller players a chance to knock a hit in.
    2. Smaller players = less damage = a little bit longer in the fight.
    3. Cannot be dispelled.
    4. Longer battle = more gold/daru = devotion (maybe??)
    Cons of Having Reflect on WB:
    1. Uber powerful folks will die faster because their attacks landed on WB will take their toll on them thus will be more in waiting to get back into the fight.
    2. No bragging rights as to who can get to level 20 Inspiration the fastest.
    I can only think with this in place, it might help a bit to make the WB a little bit longer. What do you folks think?
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    I'm not sure I see this helping very much. Nearly everyone can do more than their own HP to WB in very few attacks, so it wouldn't spread rewards out much at all. And it would be bad for mages, who have the lowest heavy attack by a significant margin.

    It would make the WB last longer if your goal was to make sure everyone had a change to get a hit in, at least on servers where the WB doesn't already die in 1-2 attacks. But I don't know how much of a problem that might be for people.

    There's definitely no way people get more gold/daru out of this system; total rewards have a cap, so you just redistribute it around.

    If we really want it to last longer and give more rewards, the simplest solution is a X% damage reduction shield (non-dispellable). Instead of increasing WB HP, just bump up the damage reduction by a comparable amount, and scale rewards to match. It would be effectively identical to increasing the HP, without the maximum integer problems.


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      my solution to WB is by revamping the system.

      Step 1 - Make the Boss HP infinite. And just like old days it will instant kill you after set of turn
      Step 2 - Only 1 attack attempt.
      Step 3 - Reward calculated by your total damage/whole server. Lets say you did 10m of damage and the whole server in total does 50m, you get 1/5 of total golds.
      Step 4 - Rewards are delivered after daily reset.

      and remove the time restriction. you should be able to enter anytime, or at least close the WB at 23.00.
      and the top 10 damager still will get rank rewards.
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        Just change devotion requirement to enter the WB dungeon instead of requiring one battle to get devo. Problem solved.
        As for gold/daru, if you can't start with a delphic and your small hit is not heavy enough to outdo others' big hits, it's very unlikely that you could get anything before WB dies.

        MrFP has a point in here. With capped WB HP, the total reward is capped. No matter how it is distributed, it won't actually give better rewards overall.
        Right now the issue with WB is that one hit from only a few strong players could perfectly kill it. They don't need a second hit, and they don't need help from any smaller players to kill WB.
        The amount of gold a player gets depends on their first hit, so only those with high initial rage could get gold/daru, the rest might not even finish casting one delphic if they need rage rune to use delphic.
        Even if WB gives 100% deflection like guild beast does (and without any buff to reduce the deflection), it will still probably die within seconds, and those who can't get millions of gold from one hit would still get no gold any ways.
        I have been getting less than 10k gold per WB for a while (only a troop hit was made), but still routinely got top 10 class reward because most people can't even land one hit. It is really just the few top hitters who have killed it. The rest got no chance to hit at all.
        And most people don't take off their secondary eudaemon for WB, so they won't even get the mortal blow reward or class ranking reward.