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  • Rave?

    at first look it really seems like a bad idea,mainly looking at the
    guild tab and server tab.the problem is,unlike a lot of the others
    in the guild i'm with right now,i'm not on enough to get stuff done.
    so it's been more than i month since I've gotten any of the weekly's
    done,and it's rare to get very far with it does not seem's
    like it would be unfair i'm only up to 20 points after a few days where
    i'm sure others in the guild have wayyyyyy more points in it.

    just can't help thinking some of the part time/non-cash players are
    going to have **** luck finding a guild to keep them around.

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    Yeah, I know the feeling. I have my own ship on the R2 side, along with the wife, and am part of a guild on the Kabam side. I try not to think of things as I just do quick stuff to get 100/200 points on any given day. Being limited, gives less options as this game is not what it was: fun. But, chin up, even if you have to do one-sies just to get some.
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      the problem is i don't think i've gotten 300 devotion more than twice
      since i started.most times i only get the 100 for the first chest.i feel bad
      as most of the guild works on the 300,so they will get the most guild
      points in the rave while i get few.don't seem fair for the guild.

      of course one catch is i spend the majority of my game time during the day
      playing lotro,which is much better game than wt.