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Have a post grab question!

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  • Have a post grab question!

    Hello there sweethearts and devs...

    I have a question about post grab.
    We have this enemy that really likes to declare and then not show up. They also like to declare in last minut. What happens if we dont show up either? To clear this... team A declare and dont show up for fights .. team B owns the post and dont show up either. Who gets the post then?

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    I never had this happen so can't say for sure but I would think team B would get to keep it if both sides are empty unless r2 thinks the attacking party should win.


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      Best thing is to go in and take one post. You can then leave and as long as other side don't show you will win.


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        If both sides don't show to make points for the post grab, that post returns back to what it was before the war is declared. Say, you're in red team and it's your post that green team is hitting and doesn't show up. If both don't show up, after the time of the battle, the post still belongs to red and it will treat it as if it didn't happen. Now if you do the attacking and left, shame on you, as you wasted an attempt that you could have went in and light up the crystals and leave knowing you could have taken that without the other team showing up, LOL.
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          If they declare war but grab no post in it, the city is still yours.