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[Discussion] Wartune Bug discussion thread

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  • [Discussion] Wartune Bug discussion thread


    I have weeded the posts out of the huge Bug Thread that were not actual reports (most part). The idea of that thread, is to forward straight details of issues that a number of players are experiencing. Once there is discussion on any of it, the people that need to see what needs fixing will likely tune out. They want facts, nothing more.

    Please be aware, it is recommended to do the following if you are experiencing a bug:
    1. Use forum search function to see if there is already a post on the issue (or just check the bug forum).
    2. If there is a discussion thread, please join it and skip the following steps.
    3. If it is a personal character issue, start a new thread in the bug forum. Provide 'to the point' details including what troubleshooting you've done already, a screenshot/video of the problem, and character details. Stating whether or not you've sent a ticket (not every issue may require one)
    4. If it is an issue that many people are experiencing, post in the big Bug Thread before starting a new thread linking your bug thread report (be sure to link your discussion thread to your bug report so others experiencing it can join that discussion)

    If after all this, you wish to voice your concern about a bug report in the main thread (and it has no dedicated discussion thread), feel free to:
    1. Click 'reply with quote' to the post you wish to reply to
    2. Select the entire quote and cut it
    3. Paste in this thread
    4. Type your reply

    Thank you for your cooperation

    Originally posted by HotPinkMage View Post
    archaeology item is not in the handbook to exchange. I got the 200 required lvl 60 legendary stones and did the exchange. I went into the handbook to find what grouping it was listed with and there isnt one. 60 lvl legendary stones can not be used to make anything in the handbook, 50, 70 and 80 lvl legend stones can.
    Character: HotPink, r2 games, s2 server
    Not every item you get from digging is needed for the handbook rewards, there are several things that are not needed. Now if this is a bug or intended, idk. But am guessing it is intended.
    Last edited by Whakapono; 03-19-2017, 02:26 AM.

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    Has anyone reported that you cant use mystery runes to upgrade advance runes once you get knighthood?


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      Originally posted by Thedrew View Post
      Has anyone reported that you cant use mystery runes to upgrade advance runes once you get knighthood?
      It was reported here. I don't think it was moved to this thread though.


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        hahhahahaha. LMAO!


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          I ment this one

          Originally posted by Wingorek View Post
          S: 552
          Nick: Wingnut

          Well goat looking like deer..



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            Tok why so hard is bugged not done for months now


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              i have stuck at loading 99% for the past hour, cannot login game

              IGN: Priyah

              Server 619


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                Doesn't matter what browser I use or the client...stuck at the 7Road 50% loading screen
                S385 CrimsonLair


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                  Can you guys plz fix the health drop or place it on list
                  Lost each time health when i log off for around 10 minutes or more, my 1.3 mill health looses 700k and have 600k left , also all reserves we buyed are gone.
                  Ofc there way to work around it but if i wanne do arena fast i not waiting to jump in dimension loose 50 energy for kill me 2 trash fight so i can use healing rune.
                  You guys also know how iri it is click fast on healing in d.i to get full health again, some health reserves are verry nice there , if wanne kill boss 19 i can't slack by clicking healthpots and slow entering fight


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                    Originally posted by frozenshade View Post
                    I log on for the 1st time today and my devotion has not reset. I cannot collect on the quests in quest tracking. However my blessing wheel was reset to 10%. Also my hot events for sylph arena and blessing wheel did not reset [ATTACH=CONFIG]159937[/ATTACH] Just did my 1st battle ground of the day and honor didn't reset either. So I gained no honor for my 17 kills!!!
                    1.) Same - No honor - BG.

                    2.) Knighthood (new MPD) - Attempt 0/1 so no reward or exp - This was 1st attempt of the day!


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                      Guys, i have a problem with log in to s632. Im stuck on 49% and cant move.


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                        loss balens and rest problems

                        while checking in loss of bound balens and resetting from 9 days checking in to back to 1 days checking in on 25 march 2016 and 2100 hours I had 827 in bound balens and 9 days checked in on 26 march 2016 I had just 27 bound bv\alens and it reset back to 1 day checking in loss of my 10 th day plus loss of bound balens.

                        character info

                        rank 80
                        server s616 twilighttower


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                          All bugs and glitches are annoying, but the most irritating of them is when the mouse pointer gets stuck at any equipment or gems while in the blacksmith. Then that thing gets glued to the pointer and is immovable; the only thing to do then is refresh & that means re-login.
                          It's absolutely disgusting.
                          Last edited by alcazarthepicaros; 03-27-2016, 01:15 PM.


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                            acces in class advancement

                            i report a problem with class advancement, because i finish quests for up in Class Adv.but i remain unless these class adv


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                              Tenacity and Intensity fate system bug

                              Hi my Aerthis lv 80 knight server 26 Europe

                              I have a huge problem with my tenacity and intensity stats
                              I suspect this problem has been with me for a quite soem time

                              i have lv 6 tenacity yet my stats r too low when compared to another guildie of mine
                              My medallion is also two ranks higher
                              i have attached ttwo screen shots to show the stats u cna see u we both r lv 6 yet have dif tenacity stats

                              i have a second problem also my batttle rating always show 17450 less on ranks in guild list or anywhere

                              but my main concern is tenacity stats since it affects dmg received and dealt
                              Attached Files
                              Last edited by rpgprince; 04-24-2016, 04:42 AM.