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  • o.o

    add more different runes in vouchers shop more likely more functions for vouchers

    add more skel key/whip at least make them 5 pcs. on daily tasks

    lessen too much balen on events o.o

    and lastly honor deduction is too great -350+ when elite war kill u ***!?

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    I summarize your requests in 1 sentence:
    Please make the game easier for us.
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      true true , totally agree
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        That is how the BG/honor system is set up. If you level your honor and title too high and you don't have the BR/skills to back it up, you will be going down when a lesser honor/titled player comes along - or enough of them.

        This is by design.

        On Kong, we have players whom are very good cashers and *purposely* play the spoiler - they purposely have very low honor and go after the players that have high honor, especially the ones like you - who have outleveled their BR.

        Of course you can lessen this effect by upping your VIP level to 5+ or going nuts on gems/soul crystals. =P