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How to rapidly get 40 or 50 legendary suit(stop wasting your skeleton keys)

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      want farm faster?? 3 member naked left a mage with full gear and NO hp pack. ROF at first att, and all die with 1 ROF. Cause you will att first compare to mirror unless you lag or slow.
      Sometimes 1 or 2 naked mirror will survive but not the mirrow mage with full gear cause the mage got a zero hp. Even with dodge astral, the mage still die lol!


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        Originally posted by JohnNguyen View Post
        I think there no easy way, but you can only buy them in Crypt Shop, or Guilld Shop if you have enough Token or Contributions.
        Is he talking about skeleton keys? My crypt shop doesn't sell skeleton keys? What is he talking about?

        Also, what level does the guild shop have to be to purchase whatever he is talking about?


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          Originally posted by Suffer-WNDGroup View Post
          Only problem I have with this information is its not totally correct, you get 2 uses per visit per person at the clones, not unlimited as he suggests if you try to go over the limit stated you can kill the clones but, no longer get chests afterwards. Believe me or not I dont care but, careful wasting your keys as weve tested it several times just to be sure and lost 4-5 keys without chests.
          sorry but you are wrong, i have 100 legend stones from 1 farming run.
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