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Regarding Guild Battle

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  • Regarding Guild Battle

    Ok.. here's the deal.. My guildmates and i have been playin in S85 Dewbury Stronghold for the past 5 days and as of sunday the guild battle list had shown that we had no opposing guild drawn as our opponents.. So, we took it as we were unlucky and mayb due to the fact it's a new server there weren't any guilds left we could battle.. For today's Guild Battle we were finally paired with an opposing guild but then due to the fact they had disband last night we were once again given an auto-win without rewards. It's kinda irritating to see that we've lost like 1700 insignia's and honor just because of this? Isn't there another way to implement a system where another guild could be used to replace the guild tat disband or something? Seriously, there are like 50+ guild's in the server.. Kinda frustrating seeing a rival guild gain 1700 honor and insignia's while we get an auto-win with no rewards whatsoever..
    [S85]Dewbury Stronghold