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A Shout Out!!!

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  • A Shout Out!!!

    I just want to give a shout out to the Brazillian+ Guild over at S700 (R2 Games) for one of the most awesome Imperial Wars that literally kept me on my toes. This was the first guild I had faced that are obviously near-heavy balen cashers. Yes, I did notice the same folks going behind my line of defense in trying to get all the posts far behind us after I spent nearly all of my energy stones in moving my guys to intercept and send your members back to the starting line. Not only that, but there was an instance where somehow 3 of my guys were stuck in battles that were not going anywhere (like frozen) that I had to reboot them and get them back in there to intercept. By minute 40, I knew it was going to be over for us, but we kept on going strong as we paint targets towards interception by using what's given to us (as I don't spend for balens, unfortunately).

    At minute 50 (the ten minute final stretch), I see our scores nearly hitting the tie mark with us having 24 posts and you folks having the 11. I was trying to think if you folks were going to go for another balen round of specials as by then, I had already ran out of energy stones on my boys. However, you didn't as we try to rehold the defensive line and keeping it there. At 5 minutes, and 4 posts remaining to grab, my guild's score broke the tie barrier; but there are 15 of you and only 5 of my units so you could have the advantage of treasure hunting, if only you have a post to sit in to do so. The final 3 minutes and the score nearly had a 1k spread with the Kaiju in the lead as you have your folks scrambling to buy off time before the posts we were sitting on could turn blue for us. You timed them well as at the 3 second mark, the final 2 were ours for the win (at a max of 35).

    Most of the time, I would just sit there (either winning or losing) after determining the odds for such. There are times that no one from the other side shows up, which is never good for me as I want to engage and fight. Tonight you made my day as it was a great "handicap" match (15 of you versus 5 of me). You also helped me to determine a new strategy since having my guys at the very end and all being attacked at nearly the same time kind of made it hard to actually see the post layout.

    Hopefully, you didn't spend too much balens as I kind of lost count to the number of specials that were bought on your side and who was using them after the initial wave was done and over with. Nevertheless, this was most awesome in a long time. So, kudos to you for a fine match. Hopefully, I may see you folks for a rematch one week before the season ends; and hopefully, I will be here when it does happen. Thank you for the night.

    PS, I play Battle Ship to even know where it is going to land before it really lands.
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