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Developing potions

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  • Developing potions

    Since we cannot use partially developing potions and we need the full amount to upgrade guild skills, they should be going to profile. The limitation to 2k a day, make them take too much space in inventory for too long.
    Last edited by Melanippe; 04-05-2017, 10:50 AM.

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    They just need to remove the limitation of 2k a day. Idk what it is with this game and limits, just about everything you buy has a limit on it.


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      They just need to remove the limits permanently! And possibly take that person who thought of such out back and smack them hard with the thickest phone book.
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        There's really no reason for the potions to even exist at all - they're only used for guild skills, and it would be just as easy to have us spend fangs directly on the skills. Adding a purchase limit actually added a purpose for the potions, even if that purpose was apparently to annoy everyone.