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Mage vs Knights " Thor "

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  • Mage vs Knights " Thor "

    i have found recently that a Mage Thor at 525k is weaker than a Knights Thor at 500k , even though the stats are almost the same ..i hv seen this when doing the " Pet map " (forget what it is called ), i can get on lvl 51 further w the knights thor , than i can w the mages thor. so my theory is that Knights hv better def , and normally a stronger attack , while mages can heal or have a better area attack , w less rage..and archers are stuck in the middle of both..w that being said i think are pets work similar in the way , whatever ur toon is , the better ur pet will do on the " pet map " player vs player , the norm is that the strongest should win, but on the pet map , not true. i hv found this to be true using the knight thor at 507k , archer thor at 507k , and a mages thor at 525, also finishing in that order on who can got the farthest . so i hv to ask , does are pets get an invisible buff based on our toon. this also has been tested w mage thor at 571 , vs mage odin at 638.. on the " pet map "

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    Sylph expedition u mean?
    No its only the raw sylph and the skills are very important and the build on the sylph gear might be the difference also.
    East coast archer.


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      yes that is what i meant, but i checked as much as i could , to see if any differences . couldnt find any .. if u get a chance , try testing .. see if my theory is warrant


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        Does the mage Thor push matk compared to the patk for the knight? I've seen conflicting reports of what stat matters for merged sylphs, but if that's a difference, it would be worth testing with the same stats aligned.

        I don't think they would intentionally change the sylph's stats based on the player class, but there are lots of bugs, so I wouldn't entirely rule it out, either.


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          Hello, I wondered the same. My husband is a mage 34 mill br and uses an Odin that is 708k Br and I'm a knight 24 mill br with an Odin thats 600k Br. And for some reason my Odin always lasts longer than his. It looks like his hp or def on his Odin is far less than mine even though the stats say otherwise