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  • imperial war

    this event is boring , ugly , long , unfair and like to no one.

    which sense have lose so? we are often too fews and i never see 50 players in a team. time ago in guild basstle we could be 30vs30 or 50vs50. and we had 3 times it.

    ok, today is easter but we are always fews .
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    On days I do not have anyone come on the opposing side, I just park at the 5th rung from my base, crack open a cold one, and watch a movie or show.

    On days I do have someone, if my units are greater than the opposing side, they are still parked at the 5th rung and I do the above.

    On days I do have someone greater than my units, I just hit the center stuff to get registered, crack open a cold one, and sleep (well, watch a movie or something else LOL).

    Either way, it's the slowest event ever.
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      They need to rebalance the points for first capture vs. points for holding a post. Holding points are way, way too low, and first capture points are probably too high, but only if they increase the points over time by 5x or more.


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        It is definitely something we will forward at our next suggestion meeting. In my opinion, i feel the points over the time could be higher. Middle towers gives only a few more points than, say row 3.
        But this suggestion is definitely something we can try and work towards on improving Imperial Wars at our next meet.

        Please send more suggestion to help improve Imperial Wars, all ideas are welcome.
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          we're dealing with the same thing.

          The other team was not in our imperial war cross server until R2 added them in week2. They have over 2.1 Billion Guild Strength/ BR, and over 85 people join.
          Any guild that faces them week to week wont bother with the event, since the competition is stacked for that guild.
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            The way I think I see of this is the following:
            • Guilds that signed up on the day a season starts, all start at 0 wins but are matched by BR throughout (A vs B).
            • Guilds that signed up later (a week later) are thrown at the bottom at 0 wins to be matched with other guilds who have 0 wins.
            There is also theory:
            • Guilds that show up and win are awarded 2 points along with the 1 win for the week.
            • Guilds that show up and lose are awarded 1 point along with the 0 win for the week.
            • Guilds that don't show up are awarded no points for the week.
            • The points (hidden, unknown) are totaled to gather ranking (with BR first if more than 1 has the same amount of points for the week), and are probably used to match the next set.
            For a guild that come up late:
            • They would have to face someone who is 0 first.
            • The rankings list doesn't populate until after the match day is over. It could be possible that a guild registered late but before the window of 3 days towards a match date is up (as in they could have registered on that Wednesday).
            • If they registered late, they would be onto the next week's matchup, but at the bottom of the list along with others; not at the ones who either scored by winning or losing by showing up.
            Vicious! Approach with Caution!
            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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              Problem is, not all platforms or servers are equal and you get massive lopsided affairs. Or you get bad luck with matching and end up facing 3 mammoth guilds in the first 6 weeks despite being an average sized guild. Just really bad luck with matching. A simliar guild to us got great matching and is 4-1 facing a weaker guild next week. I'm not sure there is a perfect system. I like the big bonus for first capture. It makes the beginning vital to the match. But they should increase holding points. 95% of matches last the full hour and the rest usually finish in the last 10 minutes. Only the rare match ends before 45 minutes, and that's a shutout.


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                There is no problem when it is 19+ platforms. If there were only a few clusters on R2 Games, I could agree in not having enough to be matched outright. However, there are 19+ different places where Wartune is hosted, and I am sure within each one has a few clusters with a few merged servers and some active guilds in each. Those who paid their due to get into IW are those we face when it comes to matching. However, I am thinking it's like the "league" system on a different game I play that we get a good number of points and try to fight our way to the highest tier; each week, we are told what tier we are playing in and who we are going up against.

                If the devs could get their heads out of their four point of contact and get a real matching system going, I am sure everyone will have fun; even the ones who had to have a bye week due to not being paired with a guild. Meh, I will take that bye week and wait until I get back in the rotation next week when I face another guild.
                Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
                Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
                Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


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                  It seems like only the first week you are matched based on battle rating at sign up.
                  The more you win and the more closer 15000 points you collect with each will will factor into your ranking and position after week 1.

                  Therefore week2, you'll start to see rank 1 vs rank 2, rank 3 vs rank 4 , etc.

                  So it'll keep repeating for the following week, and so on.

                  So if you lost vs the #1 team in week 2, you can still work you way back up to seeing them again to try to knock them out.

                  However if your in a rigged imperial war where the gap between the top 2 guilds is over 700m worth of br aka 28+players.
                  Then you'll be cursing out R2 again at some point for giving you horrible matches.