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would like to see reduced rage proc changed

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  • would like to see reduced rage proc changed

    idk if other people have a hard time making the most of when the catacombs ring set does proc. i think 1/2 of it is maybe myself since i try to get in the skills right away so that i get the most attacks. but the other 1/2 is that as a ranger i always have +2 (or more) % damage bonus buff showing and i don't even know if when it procs appear right away or if you need to wait for it to scroll through your buffs. all the classes have their own self buffs that could hide this proc till it's too late for them. If the proc could appears at the start of your attack animation it gives you more time before you use your next skill to choose wisely. my 3 ideas how to show it would be

    1) place it on the users head (could be hard to tell if it is your proc in MPs).
    2) place it opposite side of the other buffs (to the right but also could be hard to tell in MPs)
    3) visible change all the skills to a different color (gold) and the color reverts back after use (this could be used with one of the top options as well)

    i'm lvl 45 ranger first time playing on the new armorgames server and have had this set bonus for 2 days now and have only once been able to actually choose what skill i wanted to have effected by the reduced rage only cause i automatically picked arrow strike (0 rage skill that doesn't use up the proc) and as i was casting i saw it and choose lunatic fire the next round. otherwise they all get wasted in my multi-shot for to save me 4 rage.

    if any of the vets have tips i would like to hear them, or if other people are frustrated with this.

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    In Chinese version, they place those status effects above the skill bar. I would hope it comes to our version too.
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