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March Event Easter Mount Likeness Copied

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  • March Event Easter Mount Likeness Copied

    Anyone noticing that mounts are being copied from other places?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wartunes vs Rise of Guardians copy.jpg
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ID:	1790960

    There are other rabbits/bunny's out there, but this one resembles from "rise of the guardians" rabbit head too much.

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    Originally posted by Takashi007x View Post
    Anyone noticing that mounts are being copied from other places?
    no ***, sherlock
    i even wonder if this game really have an original BGM that wasnt stolen from another game.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      Most likely, no. Too bad it's not a 110% spd mount as I am looking for such on the mount shop to buy so I can move fast (?? as if, huh?).
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        LOL its not something new, the BGM of this game was rip off from The last Remnant, and avrious theme also from other games such as legend of Mana etc, and the various icon of the game also stolen from WoW aka World of Warcraft.