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guild war rigging

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  • guild war rigging

    as i speak, on server 44, the leader of the top guild serenity and a number of their members have changed guild in the last 10 minutes in a delibrate attempt to manipulate the guilds war in favour of a lesser level guild ( hogwarts, a guild that is ranked less then 5th overall ) and in favour of the serenity guild, as deathblock is the 2nd strongest guild and this move is a attempt to stop deathblock fairly challenging serenity

    its a real interesting situation when serenity works to ensure that not only does the guild wars become a joke, but it also ensures that they remain the top guild by a delibrate and underhanded tactic.....

    yes I have filed a ticket over this behievour as its disgusting game play.... and means that players that would gain their rightful rewards from a honest guild wars, will not get that because of dirty tactics......

    I have also read that r2 games regard this as a exploit of game play... and I agreed.... there is a difference between leaving one guild for another as a long term member, and guild battle manipulation is uncalled for, specially by a guild that is top heavy with cashers....

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    They are fully aware of the exploit - and it *has* been classified as an exploit. Kong had a huge blowup over this - and even when the seniors said it was as such, players still tried to justify the exploit.

    Not much you can do.


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      I am aware that there is not much that can be done.... and I am cool with that as I am of the understanding that R2 games is reviewing the situation and will act as they deem fit....

      for me, part of the biggest issue, is that the 1st ranked guild leader can gain a mount thru the guild wars, then guild jump and retain that priviledge... it should be tied to the guild that worked to win it and not the person


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        Disgusting behaviour.

        A possible workaround solution is to impose a suspension of your privilege to participate in a guild battle for 7 days if you switch guilds.
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          Disgusting behaviour.

          A possible workaround solution is to impose a suspension of your privilege to participate in a guild battle for 7 days if you switch guilds.
          That would not be necessary at all, just put 24cd even if kicked as of today when kick your not gonna wait 24cd to join another guild thats where the exploit starts now if you put a 24 cd they won't be able to switch guild till the next guild battle is over.
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            nods,.... yeah that would make a lot of players really think about changing guilds... tho for cashers there is the balen item that negates the CD, so the CD would have to apply to GW and that would limit a lot of the guild jumping in order to manipulate GW

            on a side note, the tactic did not work, hogwarts with the added serenity players, got their butts well and truly kicked by deathblock and we were not using all of our top players.... we may not be the top guild in the game, but that doesn't mean that we can not put up a fight


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              Yes, Deathblock won and it made the members of the guild feel very good to not only win the battle but win it when people were trying their best to make it unwinnable. Good tactics and sheer determination win over underhandedness.

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                sorry but i dont rly understand it .. u are 2nd rank guild and some members from 1st rank guild join low guild to fight you ? but u said u are rdy for a fair challenge vs 1st rank guild .. so if only SOME member join the low guild u shouldn have a problem to beat them up anyways, or else u would be no challenge vs the full 1st ranked guild ?


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                  mowl, when serenitys top fighters outrank us in levels and battle ratings, and they have their own battle with another guild, then there was no reason for them to leave their guild to join another guild with the intention of having deathblock basically fight two guilds at the same time.

                  hogwarts is serenitys #2 guild on server 44


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                    I have already sent in a ticket suggesting both work arounds listed. I play on several games where they use both the 24 hour cd and you must be a member of a guild for 7 days, before you can participate in the guild battles. this prevented any guild from using the exploit to control the guild battles.


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                      and way to go Deathblock on beating the cheaters. using an exploit is the same as cheating.