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R2/Proficient learn how to do a Lucky Exchange xD

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  • R2/Proficient learn how to do a Lucky Exchange xD

    Rules 12. While we do appreciate player's enthusiasm for our games, and their eagerness to get things out to the players, what might be the case in the other versions of our games that exist, may not be the case in ours, and posting information from those games can result in false expectations of our version of the game. As such, information on other versions of our games is not to be posted in the forums.
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    All this picture shows me is the game progressed by a lot of time, and also makes you wonder how much the event item costs that they give away the possibility of getting those higher count items.

    Additionally, r2games doesn't set the in game events, and while this appears to be wartune, it's apparently the chinese version, which has strayed pretty far from what we have in the Western version.

    We have stuff they don't, and they have stuff we don't.

    It just is what it is at this point.
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