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  • farm/pasture log

    where is my log for farm/pasture

    if it is removed .. why .. can we get it back ..

    reason to ask .. i want remove the *** that collects and not feed my mamals as i find it highly irritating and cruel to have them suffer from hunger for hours on hours ..
    after i get from work and not see the message that they are ready

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    and why is there a thing as delete friend quota .. ?? grrr ?? now i have to trouble myself more days with the inevitable defriending off all but the trusted not doing the above mentioned


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      They removed it when they revamped the farm from that big walk around with an outside campfire area to just a small screen. I believe it was around patch 5.1-5.3. I, too, would like to see a list so I can boot the ones that feed my animals and are throwing me off since I dive 5 in at the same time. Personally, I don't like stragglers.

      As to the delete friend quota, it's a pain in the rear! Don't even know why they would have such. If I want to clear my list, I should be able to do so without a limit. Then again, I don't even know why there are limits to begin with.
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