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[Suggestion] Wartune Devo Events: Character, Devotion, and Server Information Identified

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  • [Suggestion] Wartune Devo Events: Character, Devotion, and Server Information Identified

    I am thinking this is for the R2 folks since it's their promotion when they do such, so I am going to ask. I will say thank you for putting in the login/logout button along with account information so people know which account it is logged in. However, I want to ask of the following to be included in such future events (I know it can be done since I do see the character info and server info on the Wartune main page):
    • Character Information: The character the player is playing (last known) for the account.
    • Server Information: The server the player was playing (recorded) for the account.
    • Current (Recorded) Devotion: The current devotion that character/server has on the account.
    I figured with this in play, it will prevent confusion or tickets because it lacks such, and players will know what is on when they redeem. What does everyone else think?
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