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battle rating curiosity. :p

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  • battle rating curiosity. :p

    I was just looking at my worthless mage and wondering,it shows a
    join date of august 2014 and my BR is at 9,626,672.and yeah,I know
    it's bad after that long to only be that much. ( part time player that don't care. )

    wondering what the average for most players br is when close to
    the 3 year mark.

    ( no reason,just bored so I though I'd make a post. )

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    Don't feel bad, I am a part-timer as well. At least you're better than my entourage. I got them at 3+ Mil for playing about the time 632 came out.
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      well I assume my 9.6 mil was crappy for that long
      going by all the ones that had a lower br than me
      but now have 13.5 to 19,so average of twice mine.

      only reason it's up to 9.6 is someone in the guild
      pointed out I had stuff I could use sitting in the vault
      the was just sitting there collecting dust.