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Another Top 3 br event ?

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  • Another Top 3 br event ?

    Seriously r2, Are we now going to be having top 3 br events every 2 weeks also now ? I really hope not !. Filing this game under b1n wont be so hard if that's the case
    How about a nice juicy HoF event for all players instead??
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    They should call it, "They who spends the most gets the rewards".
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    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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      be the same 3 players every time they do this event its a bit one sided and unfair to rest of players

      would be nice if they did it for whole of top 100 br rankings


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        Maybe there actually is a HoF coming soon, And r2 is just pre-loading the top player/casher with br beforehand.....
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          I rather much it goes to all players who have played a long time and are over a certain "realistic" (possibly average) BR to qualify.
          Vicious! Approach with Caution!
          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
          Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
          Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


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            they feeding the big cashers.. as if they need this events .. think most are fed up with all (maybe not with orbs) but mostlikely they will have enough so as what is wroten allready here hand out rewards to top 100 orso .. make it look like you Guy's care about the other players that playing this game for years.. reward those to keep them satisfied to.. you wouldnt survive without them think there are more small cashers then big cashers


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              make a top 3 who spend the most time in the game ... and make the most out of the events. etc...

              that would be fair.
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                The game is basically at the point of just spend money or get out.
                For the most part most battle ratings wont fluctuate on servers drastically within 2 weeks.
                (unless your getting one of those "fortunate server merges" that will change the top of the pack)

                I've noticed that some of whale spenders have curbed their wallets recently, as many things have just become repetitive spending.
                (While the mid-tier spenders are jumping in to take advantage of their lack of spending)
                While in parallel R2/"the big wigs" are trying to drum up competition by bringing in inflated servers/guilds to beef up cross server competition.

                Whoever runs the show (R2 or whomever) needs to realize that less is more.
                Beating to death events non-stop makes the game a chore or 2nd job than entertainment
                1. Class Wars (2 battles @every 4 weeks/ 12-13 times a year) Vs Ares (Every week/52 times)
                2. Titan War (2 battles @ 12-14 times per year) Athena War (Weekly/ 52 times a year)
                3. Cross Server Guild Battle (Weekly for 10-12 weeks X 2-3 sessions per year) vs Imperial War (Weekly or 52 times)
                4. Venus Battle (Old way 10-12weeks @ 2-3 sessions per year) vs Venus Battle (Weekly @ 52 Weeks)
                5. Outland Contest (old scheduling Mon. Wed. Fri.) vs Outland Contest (new scheduling M/W/F/Sat)

                With the addition of HST/"Sylph engraving", they're pushing people to spend more time and money to stay competitive.
                You can see more push from the game once they implement "eudaemon merging"
                Since R2 or whoever is making the decisions has been going back and forth between sylph and euademon as points of generating revenue.

                In the past with Hall of Fame Event, people had motivation to strive for a certain tier of BR.
                Now it's top 3 (spending) or nothing.

                Many of the events have been repetitive and predictable, while also exhausting. Theres probably more player burn out in the last 1-2 years.
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                  its to pay for their merging with
                  kabam is now forwarded to wonderhill. and you know that costs money so what better ways to pay that is to have this cashing ****** event where you give all of your hard earn money to this company (by choice of course) . but i think its a manipulation cause most players i see that is on here that is major cashers are seniors and retired workers. so i guess it doesnt hurt them spending over 2k a month on this game.