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R2 only care about money

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  • R2 only care about money

    Why use real money in this game. Lately we have seen a lot off proof that hack and boot are used by some players in game. It has been put out a loot of proof in forum about it. It have been made ticket too r2 where you get stupid answer back and they say nothing wrong. Sylph arena get hack low players get over max point you should be able too get first day off week. Outland where you see attack from over 350 people the last second and that is from guild who have 4-5 members active. Post Grab where you are not able to keep a post when you are 3 who holding it against 1 weak player. Guild who disappears in the middle off night, all members got down time because they left same second from the guild and all was sleping that time and not log in. But we was told guild master left the guild and did not make a new guild master. Sorry r2 that is not possible to do, a guild master cannot leave when it is still active members in guild. In this case no members was kicked out from guild, we all had downtime next morning when we log in. So i say stop cashing for a game who is full with hack and boot. time for r2 start listen too the player and not only too the money. Because i think that is only that is the only language they understand. Let us all stop cashing too r2 start taking us seriously.

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    I don't cash anyways, but I agree that this can't go on like this. Lately more and more serious stuff is coming up on forums and more and more proof of people hacking into game or using bots.
    It is time R2 acts on it and does something about it, people pay money for a game which is fair for all, it is the responsibility from game makers to keep the game safe and fair to use, that is a big part of what people pay for.
    So yes maybe it will work if people stop spending. But in the end game makers should take responsibility and make the game as it is supposed to be.


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      hmm, the only thing the devs will do, if this game is not bring enough income, is shutting down


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        They can also use time too fix the game. For the time we see too much proof of hacking and when you send ticket you get stupid answer back from them.


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          I will send you a privat message memory Lane


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            Not everything is about money. If anything the devs are lazy. Your decision to spend or not spend won't impact how quickly the devs are able to locate and fix bugs.

            A screenshot of rankings isn't exactly proof. I've been waiting for tangible proof, and all I've seen is a thread where everyone else is finding reasons for why it's possible to do, but nothing that proves anyone is doing something wrong, versus them finding a loophole in the system that as of yet, no one has explained.

            The issue with the excessive attacks was reported, but again, without knowing how it's done, it's going to take some time to get it fixed. Unfortunately, without more information on this topic, it's probably not going to see a fix unless the fix is a side effect of a patch update. Even if we don't know exactly how something is being done, we should be able to start with a who is doing it. A team color is not a who, and all I've seen is mentions of a color, but not the guild or server or even a person's name.

            The issue with the guild that got mysteriously disbanded.. That is really the only issue that can't be explained, and I don't agree with support's assessment of that situation. But again, more than just a screenshot of the rejoin timer was needed, and no one that I spoke to was able to provide anything. The guild leader was really the person who should have been fighting on that issue. I don't remember if I spoke with the guild leader, if so, they didn't stay in contact, and now it's been too long to really question it further.

            There isn't much that slips by this community, so I know there's real answers to all of the questions out there. It's just a matter of waiting for someone to say something. My inbox is always open for anyone who wishes to explain things anonymously.
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              how it can done, to attack with huge amount of players is simple to explain. Talk with the G.M. of the guilds you are matched together. Let them instruct all guildies to spend a bit on blessing, and than the most important thing, you need to wait till the last min and than ALL attack together. You will see a huge amount of player attacking
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                is that attack blessing


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                  Originally posted by Seidr1 View Post
                  how it can done, to attack with huge amount of players is simple to explain. Talk with the G.M. of the guilds you are matched together. Let them instruct all guildies to spend a bit on blessing, and than the most important thing, you need to wait till the last min and than ALL attack together. You will see a huge amount of player attacking
                  The blessing isn't needed for that, only the attacking at last moment is important for that. But then still normally teams with attacking max 5 people now at once with 500+, is not possible. Then really all players of that team should have attacked same moment. And I would believe it if they did it each time, but it was 1 time in 3 weeks time now.
                  Blessing has nothing to do with the amount of players attacking. It increases your statts either when you attack or for your own defending team. And yes both of the blessing give points as well. But that has nothing to do with the amount of players attacking.


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                    co-ordination and numbers needed to get max points in last 2 minutes of outlands. Blessings usually done in the 1st 3 battles.
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                      We non cashers also worried to Hack problem. Cash or non cash, Idont mind. But Fact is r2 failed to keep peace in wartune. Atleast send a sensable Answer for player tickets. I also lost A guild in patch 5.2 or something. I was The Guild Master Guild Was BIGBADMICK in R2 S599. And i didnt submit ticket. R2 pls solve the hack problem, Players spending real time and cash for this game with the hope that r2wont disappoint us. And you guys only care about cash.


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                        I already lost hope with r2games and their support elves. you get much better help from a walmart associate and believe me them guys there are lazy.
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                          From my point of view, I will say a few things:
                          • I do not spend. I mean, "why" when the game is pretty much sub-par with the performance issues. When I first played Wartune, I can run up to 5 windows (or accounts/characters) without any performance problems. Spire was going fast where I can click on each window and press the number or letter of the ability/skill I need to use before cycling back to the first window to set up for the next round of attacks. I know it's four, but the 5th one, I would just let it sit and wait until the four are done so I can put him in the next run.
                          • Since patch 5.1, things took a really nasty turn. Spire started to lag, group arena started to lag, and even ToK started to lag that we can't even input the commands. Heck, we can't use our skills if we're hit with the bloody stun from an enemy for the rest of the run.
                          • Since patch 5.4 and beyond, things are so messed up that sometimes I feel like not playing the game anymore. You get display glitches within CCW that you're trying to figure out if points were taken out or if someone had died in battle. Sometimes those glitches can add on (like 100 when stuck, and then 101 when a new person comes up in the new round/battle). People are getting kicked out from MPDs; some had their MPDs locked up so when they refreshed, they are still in the MPD but are in Cloud City.
                          • There are some redundancy based items as well. Like when the devs put the farm up front, they should have adjusted the pop-up to collect an item from the farm before visiting, not when the person is already at their crop, in which I had seen happen so many times.
                          • Every week, I would hope the devs would fix something that is detrimental to the game play of everyone, but instead they fixed something that is either non-essential or makes the game worse. Do they even test half of the stuff they released in a public setting and then fix such if problems arise?
                          • Cheaters get away with murder, legitimate players get punished. And in the last few cases, those who make the game harder for everyone else get to walk online, mocking the people that punished them.
                          • I could go on about the clothing thing, but many of you know on how I feel about such, LOL.
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                            I think all of your points are valid.

                            I think the biggest issue stems from the fact the the events are all balen driven.
                            As long as money comes pouring in, its hard to justify "fixing them"

                            And yes for some reason Wartunes is poorly designed to the point that over the years it consumes more and more resources as it is a "flash" based game.
                            (Unlike other flash-games, Wartunes has the most buggy, and laggy play)

                            The biggest issue with Outland contest is the matching system
                            • The Guilds you are Team up with is not visible without communication balance from all 2-3 guilds involved.
                            • Visibilty of other guilds/color teams is not possible without engaging some of their top players in fights
                            • There is no penalty for people that guild hop after registration (largely because they received unfavorable matchup)
                            • "server optimizations" after the OC session has already started wont help since you may lose your partner guild than gain one.
                            • There seems to a glitch-delay on how many attacks are launch after the "crystal war event notice" has shown up in system msg.
                            • Random insertions/swapping of guilds by R2/Admin has no visibilty (So one day your talking to Guild Master A, and tomorrow your dealing with another Guild D + Guild Master D)

                            I've also seen a 15k point swing in the last 10s when our attacking team had more attackers hitting them, than they did against us. (keeping in mind general kill bonus)

                            When OC first started in the first month, it was basically 4 guilds 1 per color. Then it was patched and we were mingling with other guilds to promote more cross server activity.
                            This is when more issues arose.