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    There was a survey over 6Months ago asking players about time spent, etc.

    Why can't R2 implement a devotion to be counted for dungeons that are already done.
    What I'm stating is if I run
    • Dragon Invasion
    • Bloody Invasion
    • Spire Nightmare
    • Magic Square

    People have to pop-in or run these again just to collect devo, wasting time.
    Doesn't R2 want to optimize our game play.

    Once during the week, my devotion total for the next day should have those items counted, therefore my starting devotion for the next day is higher.
    The system already acknowledges attempts and rewards have been used for the week.

    On the left hand side for the cooldown list, it acknowledges if you ran HST for the week or not.

    The mechanics need improvement, it just seems theres more to do everytime theres a new patch.

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    No, Wartune does not want to optimize our time at all. there is so much upkeep each day doing stupid things that have nothing to do with "war". Popping in and out for devo for those 4 events isn't the problem. Having to hit guild beast is the dicey one. Beast lasts 10 seconds and if you blink you miss out. Devo needs to be for just entering beast, not hitting it. Same with WB. I'm sure a few whales would sit out wb, except they need the devo by hitting it. Also, on days that outlands is closed we should get that compensation for Outland by default.


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      You'd be better off in asking for a toilet seat made of gold than this, mate.

      It would be nice if it's automatically recorded for weekly MPDs so we don't have to waste time in doing them (without attempt) just to get the cheap devote.
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