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  • Flash Sales

    So they really need to do something about these flash sales....I don't often buy from them, but I am interested in getting in on the advanced mahra ones and this is the 2nd time in a row that they've been "sold out" by the time I log. First of all, the idea that they can sell out is a joke, but they also need to realize that not all of us can be here 24/7. If they wanna put a purchase limit on them, fine. But having a limited number of packs for sale is just dumb.

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    Flash sales occur immediately at reset of your server time.
    So when they're sold out someone on the server is buying them up.

    Its just the way some of these game mechanics are designed, without logic and sometimes with many flaws.


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      Yep, I know how they work I'm just saying they don't work very well. It's not like they have a warehouse somewhere with advanced mahra in it that they have to restock. Just put a limit on how many packs each account can buy and leave it open for everyone to have a chance to get in on it.


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        You are going about this all wrong. Tell R2 they will make more MONEY if they make it so that each account can only buy so many. This way more people can spend MONEY and not just 4 players. LOL


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          That's the funny part...they're costing themselves money by limiting the number available instead of limiting how many each account can buy.