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Lvl 60 Ring/Jewelry

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  • Lvl 60 Ring/Jewelry

    This lvl 60 Ring/Jewelry for 2k Crypt Token Each is really too much

    Lvl 20 - 25 Token
    Lvl 30 - 100 Token
    Lvl 40 - 200 Token
    Lvl 50 - 400 Token
    Lvl 60 - 2000 Token (500% Increase of Price)

    +18 Max Enhancement of Lvl 50 & 60

    Lvl 50 Ring Hp 528+1040 Vs Lvl 60 Hp Ring 660+1278 - Difference = 740 Hp For 2 Pieces of Rings

    Lvl 50 Jewelry Ptak 236+514 Vs Lvl 60 Jewelry Ptak 295+621 -Difference = 332 Ptak For 2 Pieces of Jewelry

    A Crypt Key user that can finish to lvl 100 Cata can get - 190 Token Per Day(11 Days for 1 Pc)

    So what im trying to say is your gonna waste atleast 1 hour everyday for 44 days for a Boost of 740 Hp / 332 Ptak

    I dont know about you guys but for me this is too much
    but yeah some will say "It's fine more fun and thrill,excitement etc)
    but this is just my own opinion feel free to leave a comment.

    No Trolls
    I Hate Trolls
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    Yeah we were all a little surprised by that on server39 too. Was like Oh, you need 2k tokens i got that! What.... each piece.... errrrrrrrr steed seems pretty good tbh


    • #3
      imo think its better to just buy your legendary lvl 50 shards there instead for the jewels and rings. Seems more bang for your buck that way. lvl 60 jewels/rings doesn't give that much of a boost and if you have lvl 50 legendary jewels/rings then it definitly better than getting the lvl 60 ones.


      • #4
        yes...all r2 know is to increase price.
        they dont even notice that 60 jwls have same max enchant(+18) like 50 jwls and same bonus.they should be +21 max enchant.
        only difference betwen lvl 50 and 60 is only 60 atack/130 hp,so is no use to buy lvl 60 if they are same as 50.


        • #5
          isnt that a bug (+18 enchant) that have to be fixed ?


          • #6
            and you know to upgrade lv60 trinkets to legendary you need to get to or pass lv5 or the extra catacombs i believe otherwise they can not be upgraded even if you do get the regular ones


            • #7
              But nobody complains when the price difference between the L1 and L2 is 400% increase. That is if you are going by percentages.