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Penetration - is a good stat?

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  • Penetration - is a good stat?

    As in title - is penetration a good statistic?

    And another question - what exactly does penetration?
    - It's really for a dodge's reduction?
    - Or maybe, 'cause my buddy says, that this statistic defines the chance to deal damage by ignoring defense?

    Thanks for every meaningful answers
    And sorry for my english

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    yes from what I understand it does reduce the chance of dodging so yea its a very important stat


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      Nothing gives you the ability to ignore all defense, or you would really notice when it happened. There is a fate skill to ignore 20% of defense, which can be a huge bonus when it happens, but the only thing that completely ignores defense is the unawakened sylph attacks, and those are based only on sylph stats, not your own.


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        yes peneand block r to antagonists .... the highestpenetration i saw was 100k my is around 44 or50k my block is 70 now earlier when just the stars had it ( ucan get it fromequip refine) 30k was max .... now i guess block can beto betotalsecured and its not justa knight thing as all old schololers wanna tell us itsfor all ithink 90 block is nowgoodworth if not anyone tells next time 120 ^^....
        against devotion ^^


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          I may have to test it out now that you've pique my interest on an overlooked stat.
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            I run 116k block+49k pene..... I block against some and dont against others, Its not often that block works, (with fury skills equipped), Could be different with def skill tree with more block passive, knight (untested)... When i attack, some block me some dont, its about the same whomever is attacking....Tested switching out atrals Enhanced Illusion & Enhanced Guardian Angel thinking there was a conflict, Block rate was the same with or with out the astral In pvp. Imo its a block stat reduction like top trumps. I dont think its adds dmg to you or reduces your opponents dmg/def/att simply bc pene has a small limit, not like gems that get boosted with smelt...edit-although i checked today after smelting and gain 79 pene points for no reason at all since i've no pene gems anywhere to
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              Originally posted by Meikura001 View Post
              I may have to test it out now that you've pique my interest on an overlooked stat.
              Wow, I am waiting for your research results :O


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                i am running 170k+ block and 92k+ penetratration
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                  ok iseemany now have arounddoubleblockthen pene ....osthenew old ruleisnt double ...itrstriplenow? any otherideas....rantins ...helpins ....funposts...? ^^ =) and all of us oldschooler IS NOT JUST FOR KNIGHTAKATANK IT ISFOR HUNER ANDMAGE IMPORTANTTOO BLOCKISBLOCK WETESTED IT ITSANOLDRUMOUR ::::LIKEINEARLIER DAYS A MAGESHOULDNT HAVE EQUIPEDCRITGAMES:::LOL WHATAWASTEOFDMG :::: BR ISNTEVERYTHING :::: REALSETTING INSYNERGYANDGOODTACTICUCANEVENBEAT LIGHTSTRONGERENEMIES09=) i swear ^^^....without dryads!!! gell mefriendsif ureadthis ? =) wemeetus next bgurs zeppe
                  against devotion ^^