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    Problem is, when I am presented with 200 being the max milestone for the rewards (again, I am referencing the amount of fun coins in the end), I am used to that amount being the norm. It's a problem when you put up the bar for the same amount of rewards (doesn't matter what they are; and again, I am referencing the amount of fun coins). I am not spending all day to do 300 (or did you geniuses forget that you must do arena which is at one time and eud arena which is at another separated at 2 hours just to make up for the extra 50? and no, I do not want to wait until the evening to knock both of them in, especially if I got something going on during the day).

    I think in my last post, I did mention that I made the previous patch of 200 in just an hour or two by doing things that I am able to do, so really, why do I want to do 250? I have to wait the two hours to get eud arena in; I have to waste the 50k and 20k wealth to summon the guild stuff; and then I have to find something for the remaining 5. This extra stuff I do not have to do if they didn't have their heads so far up their collective four point of contact and increase the bar. Hell, it wasn't broken in the past, so I wonder why is that, anyways. And the only time I had to do the guild stuff is if I know I won't make it to the arenas for the day as it was my 30 point fail-safe (which used sparingly) and last resort.

    So those that do the 300 thing, you've shown me that you're dedicated (and probably have no life) to this game.
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