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    game allready eating to much time.. was nice that the daily's turned into weekly so have more time to do other stuff but in meanwhile there is so much added again that you if you want to do all you spend most of time in game again


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      I just went and compiled a list of "doable" devotional items in light of this new requirement (since none of my units are KH as of yet) and the total I get (without the guild beast/divine altar) is 225.

      I don't do the following:
      • Outland Exploration. Since guilds were jumping to get "better" rewards, ♪Day-O♫ the other guilds, and developers are not fixing (or doing something about) it, I refuse to partake in something like this any further. If and when they make Outland Exploration accessible through an NPC and not tied into the Outland Contest, I will probably give it some consideration.
      • Bounty Quests. Somehow, I have a feeling that my exp that I get each day by retrieval drops hard when I do a quest from this. I rarely get Orange quests and don't have any scrolls for such, either.
      • Voyage. It hates me, literally, by giving me requirements that I do not have in inventory. Gold, daru, kyanite, I do not mind; but when it asks for gems, crystals, and other things I do not have (or am using on my stuff), it's where I say "no ♪Day-O♫ way".
      • Circuit Quests. It's a half-half situation depending on my mood. However, due to the speed (and most of the units have 110% speed, others have 80% speed, capabilities with flight mounts) of cloud city and lag issues, I tend to stay away from this. I only do this if I cannot do another 5 devote quest or if I want to sub along with a combo of devotes for a large devote one.
      • Tank Trials. I am never around during that time. True story.
      • Redoga Drake. I am never around for it.
      • Blood Fang. I am never around for it, either.
      • Dimensional War. The old one was better as I just go in, find the posts, find the exit, move on to the top and finish. The next days, I just tap one and exit to get the devote. This new dimensions is utterly ♪Day-O♫ stupid as I have to spend time to kill off mobs and some boss if I want to see the next area. Granted that I have a lot of basic ones that I can just toss up and throw away after I enter, but there is no fun in such, so I stay away.
      • Sylph Arena. No strategy, no option to select fights you want, and 5 minute wait times. No thanks. I just do one fight for the week and leave it.
      • Knighthood Category. I am not KH yet, so basically, this doesn't apply to me.
      Also, if anyone bothered to take note, the first real event chain starts at 10am (time I mostly open shop on). Players can do the Atoll at 1am, 4am, and 7am, but do you really want to wait 3-9 hours until you have to get some more stuff done? Other things, except for spire, can take up to 3-5 minutes (I do nether to get my 10 devote on no attempt if I am pressed for time). If I play the game mostly all day, I probably wouldn't mind at all; however, I am the guy that has to pay the bills, make sure his business is going well, and have to drive to places to get things done.

      Of course, if they (the devs) make these events with no time frame (tank, group and eud arena mainly), I am sure we will have lots of people joining for a fight or two. BG wouldn't hurt either as we have 19+ platforms.
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        Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
        More possible could be to add a weekly devotion reward, where 1k bb would be reasonable, and it could count the sum of all daily devotion over the week. Like a reward at 1500 would be gettable with 215 per day over 7 days, or 300 per day for only 5 days. I'm not really advocating for this, since I like not being tied to this game on weekends, but it's a possible way to make your idea workable.
        This wouldnt be such a bad idea. Or how about for say getting 300 devo every day for 6 months without missing one day you get a badass mount that can not be bought in the shop, something that shows off all your hard work.
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