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Lag after maintenance of 6/15

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  • Lag after maintenance of 6/15

    Is anyone else experience worse lag than pre-patch 7.0?

    I'm finding at this point they keep making things worse and unplayable.
    Seems pointless to file a ticket, since they'll defer and keep pushing back.

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    Yep, the lag got worse.

    I have the most lag when using Edge. After 40 to 60 minutes of gameplay it comes to the point i can't even type in one of the chat-sections (type letter, wait 10 seconds, the letter appears). Refreshing helps but only for a wile. Before the patch there was lag but not as much as now.


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      As this is a new patch that came out, I would suggest clearing all your cache and flash cache to see if that helps with the lag issues. Does any of the other browsers give this issue?
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        Always clean mine when a new patch comes about, and it's just like swimming through molasses (even on the units that have a 110% speed mount).
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