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    With two rounds remaining in the season, I have come to give a shout out to those the Kaiju guild had engaged in the past. Most of the fights are great which kept this operator on his toes most of the time. I tried to conserve my ammo (specials or energy stones) while looking towards the field to see where I can place my units and where I can get into the fight if engaged. There were some engagements where the other side didn't show up and it became a complete drudgery from that point on.

    I know it's not what people wanted when it comes to completion of said event (ahem, the slow coming of points once we get the majority of the posts); and to be honest, it's not something I want, either.

    On any given week, it would take my team of 5 best about 40 minutes on a blow out game (where the other team doesn't show) to get the 15k needed. This is with all posts gathered within the first 5 minutes (used 3 energy stones since I do want to return back to the 2nd row so I am not being bombarded by folks who wish to engage my units each time). I don't know how long it would take for a guild of say about 20-30 people who can show up. I am hoping it would be faster since the large number of folks who might do the treasure hunt thing every 5 minutes while their strongest are holding the line. I am going to laugh if it's not quick and would call for this event to be revisited.

    Tonight, I had a good fight with the Gremlins guild on the Wartune server. Being they were 6 and I was only 5, they've got a KH person who is near the 6 mill mark that my units had a run in with. There we a few sizable opponents as well as a few "guppies" in the mix. Somehow, I managed to be on top with a large lead (9k) before they left (some did). I called out to them to come back since the fights were getting interesting, and they did came back at full force. They've kept me on my toes as I place my units on the grid, trying to avoid the KH at all costs.

    At 1:37 remaining, I got the 15k while they were close to 5k on their end, thus winning the bout. My ship sits at rank 14 with 2 fights remaining. To Gremlins guild, thank you for a good fight.
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