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Give Me My Reward....

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  • Give Me My Reward....

    This unacceptable Wartune Mods and Gms ... I have sent u so many tickets i posted threads and still u ignore the fact i won my rewards for your promo this is not fair and this very unprofessional im an 8lvl almost 9lvl Vip i participate in all your promos so its only fair u give me my reward now i spend 60k balens on that date and i ve been waiting over 2 weeks u told me last week i would get it after the reset then after the update .... now what after next year ? Please show some interest and solve this.
    Thank You...

    My Account Is On
    Server S69
    Name UnCoeurMort
    Guild Epic
    Lvl 50
    Class Archer

    But u already know that....
    Last edited by UnCoeurMort; 12-14-2012, 01:43 AM.
    Name : Death✞Lord
    Server : s144
    Profession : Knight
    Level : 80
    Status : Retired

    Blade Hunter
    Name : Death✞Lady
    Server : s14
    Profession : Valkyrie
    Level : 175
    Status : Always bored :p

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    Wow...If you have asked so many times and you have been told you will get your reward then you should get it. Seems totally unfair in my point of view....