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Is every server dead?

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  • Is every server dead?

    I play on three and each one is down to 1 dominant guild. Two have a semi-powerful second guild that has absolutely no chance of every beating the number 1 guild, but can easily handle any other guild. After that it's groups of 6-12 people in another handful, and by the time you get down to 9-16 it's 1 person if that.

    There is maybe 1 full BG and half of a second in the 40+ group and generally no MPD running for half the day.

    I was thinking of buying second skills, wings and sockets, but it's hard to see much of a future for the game with the few people that are active.

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    because many people quitting this game.

    some of them because of work and they have not much time to play

    some of them because no one play on that server anymore so they decided quit to this game

    some of them because they want to be number one on another server,and they simply move to other new server.

    some of them disappointed because new patch full ballens user and they see it is not worth to spend some cash anymore.

    many reason they quit.

    as for me,i am interested in new games that i see more worth to spend cash.

    but overall the games is good.

    i have to admit it i spend many ballens on this game.


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      all would be resolved with faster merges 1-2 per week dosent work need 10 per week


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        Game is dying just becouse there are to manay servers , and this tactics with opening new servers DAILY * ... ruined good game , even with unblanced game and based on cash people would stay in way more numbers but simply this tactics with server openings ... just so wrong idea.
        when they came to 30-40 servers ... there was time to stop and merge them in 20 that would stay (and this is max number,cuz china is china ... other parts of world cant get so much ppl online )
        Bad buissnes moves will finaly ruin r2 in gaming world unless they act fast and save that what stayed.


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          maybe every week they merge 3 servers it is good, like s1 s2 s3 merge while s4 s5 s6 merge
          then they keep merging and opening new servers, this is good for the game. Maybe when the open the 1000th server, the merger would have caught up with the opening of new server
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            Because they are greedy that's why.
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              they made so many servers because ppl from all over the world with different time zone play this game.
              so,if they will merge servers,they need to merge servers from same time zone.


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                My server still have a fine pool of 200-400 active players.

                S13. I guess not all servers are dead.

                I heard S1 even more


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                  This company sux and id advice all new players expecially ones who wont spend to not even bother to look here. This game is very addictive for a browser game but this companies greed is causing players to decline rapidly. Having lvs 40-80 in bgs in so pointless, most of the lower players just afk at times and guild battles are rubbish.

                  Its the same thing for every server, played on a few my self and server 62 was by far the worst iv played on, having one "unkillable player" zeth there who just camped in the middle of mine field and killing u 50 times was never fun.

                  No1 could kill him and everyone rushes to be in his guild which further stagnates the life of the server.

                  I play on s83 and i am sick of my guild so far, we are the strongest guild on server and its so unfair to see the other guys struggle to keep up with the mass vips
                  s that are in it.


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                    s19-25 still alive.


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                      S58 been open for more than 6 week, but it was death on the first 3-4 week due to 2 new server that opened.
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                        S3 still many active players and new players come in all the time..


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                          how can we measure an active ppl in our server? based on what? WB attendant?
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                            S61 has been declining a lot ever since the first few weeks it was open. Doesn't help every single top 10 player apart from one(who was in the top guild but left after all the nerdraging in there) and almost every top 20 are in the same guild, and one guild is extremely dominant over the rest. I was in the second strongest guild a few weeks ago but the guildmaster did something stupid and many members of the guild left including me. Shame as we were closing the gap. All the players that cared mostly about being top went to the strongest guild and many of the others including me went to another one to have fun instead of needing to be top as it is boring with the lack of competition. Unfortunately now the strongest guild got a lot stronger as a result. A very heavy casher, a top 2 player and a few other top 20s left their guild to be in the top one too. Our realm is like yours. My guild faced the top guild on the server in the first battle this week for some odd reason and we lost easily, and then the rest of the week it was no shows or about 2 or 3 people who ended up getting ganked in the graveyard while we fielded about 30-40 people. R2 should just remove guild battle till they fix it as it has aided in destroying the servers and is no fun with EVERY SINGLE BATTLE being incredibly lopsided. 50 people is way too muchm we never get close to reaching that and I am in the second most active guild on the server.

                            And to the post above you cannot measure based on world boss attendance because it just says "abundant" without giving the number of players.

                            They need to hurry up and merge servers already. Sooner is better than later before more people quit. They aren't stupid. They knew this was going to happen. I would have put a lot of money on this happening if I had been playing since the beginning and saw their business strategy. They want short-term profits for the time being. They know players will be very willing to spend a lot of money in the beginning of a server to get to the top at the start, and don't care if the server slows down in activity as they can just create a new server and get all that surge in balen spending again. They should also give incentive to people to join older more established servers so they don't feel like they are always having to play catch up.

                            Players always complain about archers being top early game and then everyone else defending them by saying they suck later on. But if the servers die out so much then all that matters is early game. Get it together please R2 or 7games, whoever has the atuhority to solve this problem.
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                              Thanks for the comments. Nice to know it's not just the servers I picked, although sounds like the original ones are probably the best off.