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lvl 60 jewels and rings - worth to take em?

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  • lvl 60 jewels and rings - worth to take em?

    well question is simple
    lvl 60 rings and jewels got the same amount of enchants and the same bonus as lvl 50 ones. difference is a boost like 200 matk and 400hp (well and a boost from refined characteristics, dont think they r huge). on the other hand u will need to spend 2k tokens (11 days and 11 crypt keys of runs to lvl 100) and 2 socket rods (370 balens) on each which is quite a lot.
    So - anyone got em? whats their final stats? bonus from refines?

  • #2
    yes, if cant make lvl 50 legen.
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    • #3
      Honestly for me its not.. better use lvl 50.. more cheaper than lvl 60 trinket and ring.. its only upgradable to +18 and same option -10%..


      • #4
        still considering to buy lv60 jewelry, or cata horse.
        still need 1800 for horse, or 3800 for jewelry.


        • #5
          lol, take the horse.
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          • #6
            got just 4k tokens atm and 4 days to lvl 60
            so i can skip jewels and go for horse (its like 2 more weeks for me for horse since ive run out of crypt keys and get em from mystery boxes like once a week and never in altar)
            or i can take two lvl60 jewels and forget about horse


            • #7
              save your tokens for horse and shards, totally not worth
              Except if u have 4K tokens after horse !
              and u can maybe get lvl 50 legends but its too long way for lvl 60 legends
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              • #8
                horse then. so i will need 10 days. if i got 5 more keys.


                • #9
                  Take the horse =D