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Avoid imbalance and leaving player share ur suggestion

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  • Avoid imbalance and leaving player share ur suggestion

    HORSE comes out lots of player happy coz of stat but when WINGS comes out, there lots of negative feedback coz only casher can get.
    If admin cant stop giving items to casher with stat items, why dont give to non-casher a chance/patch that can trade/gift ballens? To help friends that cnt buy ballens... Any option/suggestions to help friends or guildmates to get some of ballens items? By the way, what the purpose of bound and unbound items? Trade/swap to other player, gift to special someone, or Sell 12/24hrs with tax in market manager in the future? Any idea/suggestion to avoid Imbalanace and player to leave?

  • R23935819
    there will be balens auction house (china version alrdy have it afaik)

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