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Help me out on Knight at Worldboss plz!

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  • Help me out on Knight at Worldboss plz!

    Hi guys !

    So i recently switched to knight and .. well, its so hard to get a good ranking at wb, i dont even get 1% even tho im top ranked on the server and can kill most of the top 10 guys easily. I just kinda fail at wb. The double attacks were pretty easy to do with archer and mage but what about knight? What combo do you use ? Its hard for me to figure out since slasher is on a 5 sec cd and u cant do the double attacks like other classes.

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    bump this ... no answer ? come on what is this


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      we can do combo also.. max 1st, 2nd skill, n ss... combo: ss(when load)>normal atk>2nd>normal atk>1st>repeat.. try use all increase dmg astral (float n other)


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        whats ss ?


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          You need to be heavy casher to excell in WB.
          Mesh With The Best, Die Like The Rest.
          Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

          Server: S62
          Class: Archer