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Update i would like to see

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  • Update i would like to see

    There are a couple small thinngs i would like to see in a future update:
    1. The ability of the guild master and assistant guild master to mass mail your guild. This is helpful in planning event and organizing gw teams.
    2. A map in the gw bf so we can see where our people are so we can better lead them nothing like sitting on a tower without knowing whats going on.
    3. BG brakets let 40 to 50 have their own bracket and put 50 plus into one of their own.
    4. if 3 isnt possible add an escort mode sso we can guard our lower lvel mates and friends in bf if some one goes to attack them they got to fight me first.
    5. Lower the keys need to do necro necro atm isnt cost effective at all imo, aalso add buy one get one balen days. Thanks

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    Agree with third.


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      1. Don't see much of a point but could be useful. Already have guild chat and guild welcome message so word can get around.
      2. zoom out would be amazing in battleground so I can see the name before I attack people or get attacked. I often fight guildies without knowing who it is till battle screen opens. The screen shows me very little room between the top and bottom of my screen (particularly the top) and mounts made this worse. Maybe cause I have a fairly small laptop, I dunno. A map is not too useful since guild battle is so broken it isn't competitive.
      3. Agreed.
      4. Same answer. Guild battle is broken so don't waste time adding features till it is fixed.
      5. Cannot answer this as I am only on level 85 in crypts.


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        A pop out in BG, like in the wild when u try to plunder your guildmates, will be useful~


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          bg brackets should align with the pvp gear, 35-44, 45-54, 55+