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VIP token is a waste

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  • VIP token is a waste

    I think that this wheel of fortune for VIP is a waste money its so unbalanced you got like 0% for gems and slightly 25% chance on other good stuff.
    Are you guys serious about this R2?

    Edit: tell me how its possible to get only the top area? totaly a scamm this vip wheel
    Last edited by mydrizzle; 12-16-2012, 12:44 PM.

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    i also think it is a waste best thing i ever got was 5 whips once i always get 20k gold shadow crystal 5k daru etc etc nothing good y cant we ever hit high lvl gems?


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      apparently not since its a big scam as you can see on the picture that i posted seriously.... 4x lvl7 gem and 2x lvl6 gem and got non of them


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        yes the VIP wheel is a scam a friend of mine check out the program, yes he hacked it!! that what he does he a speacilist in checking software for the goverment and i beleive him 100%. he told me the Gem have a mark +1 in otherword it will have a push to the next in line. it will never land on a gem he said that to me with confidents!!! and i beleive him! so if any GM says their legit their not their lieing!!! their a bunch of **