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  • Vote System

    Put a Vote System which give u balens.Maybe 5 links for vote,1 link give u 5/10 balens maybe and u can do the game famous and give a opportunity for the non-cash players to buy wings,nice mounts or else.Both sides win.

  • #2
    Wait, you lost us here. Vote where ? The only site on which you are allowed to vote already gives you some nice rewards, Besides that there is no other place where you can vote.

    Feel free to join


    • #3
      He's probably referring to private servers where, if you vote for said server, you receive in-game currency.


      • #4
        look if they give away to may Balens cash players won't buy as many and if nobody is buying then the game wont be free. its only f2p because of VIP and Balens, they already are giving us a free way to earn Balens just use that they didn't have to do that for us but they did and I'm glad for it.


        • #5
          non cashers chance of getting wings ... some already got wings through doing offers with free balens ... voting for what? There was a vote for wartune in ranks we got nice items, do you mean that?