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Mage astrals

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  • Mage astrals

    hy guys.. im lvl 49 from s72.. and i have a question..

    i want to use in lvl 50 will destroyer whit enchaned ruthless.. its that good for mage ?

    my skils are this one Click image for larger version

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    tnx for your opinon

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    For mages the best astrals are : MATK then Destroyer then PDEF then MDEF , then reduce DMG by x% the res is related how you like to play, some put dodge some like HP, and another want charisma !
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      Click image for larger version

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      this is my astral, i will change sniper for will, so in lvl 50 i get one slot more.. i heard that tuhtles go well whit will destroyer..


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        For knights and mages, these five astrals i consider as classic..
        1-> PATK/MATK
        2-> PDEF
        3-> MDEF
        4-> WILL DEST.
        If u wanna pick up any other astral, then ur taking a gamble and being adventurous and btw ruthlessness is more of a gamble as it can either increase ur max damage or decrease ur min damage. Use it if ur lucky.


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          Will destroyer is only worth it once you get the orange one.

          Kattuktk I am level 50 and that is pretty much what I am going for. I have brilliance right now but saving my star points for a orange goddess blessing.


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            ruthlessness will make damage bigger AND smaller!!! It's a chance, it makes the minimum lower and the maximum higher. For example, if ruthlessness is 10% and ur min is 1000 it will be 10 percent lower, ie 900. If your maximum is 2000 it will make it 10 percent higher, ie 2200, so your new damage range with ruthlessness would be 900 - 2200 in this example. It is better to just use Will Destroyer by itself to maximize all damage without lowering your minimum, unless you prefer to try for lucky hits and crits.
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              i already tested ruthlees and i dont like it ..i think i just for now take pristine blessing.. tnx guys